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Hey readers! I’m so excited to share that I am one of the launch partners for Polyvore‘s new tool for bloggers (and blog readers!)–the Mini Editor. I’ve personally selected one hundred of my favorite fall items for YOU to create outfits with. And get this, each outfit you create is a full entry in the $1,000 cash contest–so create as many outfits as you can in the editor for unlimited chances to win! The more you make, the better your odds!! Get crackin’!

You can start creating an outfit and then hit “Publish” to finalize and enter your outfit as an entry. It will ask you to log in or sign up for Polyvore within the Mini Editor. You may also sign in using your Facebook account. If you don’t see your changes right away, try not to submit multiple entries – however, you can always delete/change your entries at any time! Just make sure you are signed in to Polyvore, and access the Mini Editor here on PSS.

What Are Your Favorites for Fall?
Show PSS and Polyvore And You Could Win $1,000!

Polyvore is so excited about their new Mini Editor tool for bloggers, they’re giving away $1,000 to a blogger AND a reader! The Mini Editor is a free, easy-to-install widget that brings the Polyvore virtual styling tool to your blog and gives your readers a fun, interactive way to mix & match products and create digital collages.

How will you style Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s top picks for fall?
Create outfits in this Mini Editor on PSS, and you could win $1,000! Each set submitted on any of the blogs below is another opportunity to win, so check them all out! Be sure to come back often, we’ll be updating the list of participating blogs.

One blogger and one reader will win. The criteria for selecting the best Mini Editor will be based 50% on how many sets readers submit and 50% on style and aesthetics. The winning blogger will select his or her favorite set created by a reader to also win $1,000. The winning blog and the winning set will also be featured on the Polyvore blog!

Remember to create multiple looks, and keep coming back every day if you want to create new looks. The more you submit, the higher the chance PSS is selected, and thus the higher the chance YOU have of winning $1000!!