Zara Sequin Clutch & White Shirt

Happy 11-11-11!

One of the hardest style challenges for me, personally, involves picking out a Sunday morning churchgoing outfit that is both appropriate and reflects my own personal style. Sometimes it’s a hit, other times it’s a miss. But it usually involves sequins (ooh, how scandalous). I’m usually still foggy-headed since I haven’t yet had my Starbucks (speaking of, I think I’m the only person on the planet who dislikes the red holiday cups), so it’s only when I walk out the door that I notice oddities with my chosen outfit. For this one, it was realizing that I embodied the holiday song, “Silver and Gold”. More often than not, I just shrug off the would-be faux pas and roll with it. Mixed metals, I say!

P.S. – the last photo we shot on purpose to mimic the well-circulated one that was featured on Zara’s website (and which I also featured).

I’m off to New York until Saturday for a quick trip to finish out the MNG by MANGO mission with an appearance at jcpenney Herald Square. It’ll be Friday (tonight) from 6-8pm EST if you’d like to drop by!

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