7 Pretty Solutions for Jewelry Storage

Having been three weeks at our new place, you’d think we’d have kissed the boxes bye-bye ages ago, right? Wrong. we unpacked our last box last Saturday. Unbelievable! It’s hard when you have literally no time to spend a day here or there in three weeks’ time to finalize the unpacking process. But life has just kept us both so busy, and being out of town last weekend postponed our task even further.

One thing I’ve struggled with for, well, years really–is proper jewelry storage. Most of the time my jewelry is laying in ZipLoc bags in plain view on my dresser, along with my makeup arsenal. Not anymore. [houston] won’t stand for it! So even though I’ve found proper storage options for my makeup, my jewelry has truly never had a home. So I did a little research on cute jewelry storage options for displaying my jewelry proudly. I have alot of it, and since I don’t have $350 to drop on a jewelry armoire (could that BE any more glamorous??), I found some pretty reasonable options on the interwebs.

[houston] nixed the idea of having mismatched vintage trinket saucers set out on the dresser to hold my rings, bangles, earrings, etc so it looks like I’ll have to display my jewelry more like art. I want to find a pretty gold vintage frame and screen it–like they did here–for my earrings. And the white pieces from my above picks would look so great clustered together on my dresser!

  1. hayworth jewelry armoire, pier 1, $350
  2. little animals trinket box, urban outfitters, $8
  3. sea urchin jewelry box, satinbox.com, $25
  4. layer cake catchall, urban outfitters, $28
  5. little birch jewelry stand, urban outfitters, $32
  6. porcelain bavarian bird dish, etsy, $20
  7. mirrored jewelry box, zgallerie, $40

Where is your jewelry’s home when you’re not wearing it?