A DIY Office Makeover (Accessories & Mirror)

This isn’t going to be one of those before & afters that shames you into never displaying your office on the internet. I don’t have a pretty office. I still don’t, even after this DIY project. But I did want to attempt to add a little personality and color into my otherwise boring brick of a room. Um, that’s about it for prose.

Ikea office supplies ready for priming:

Look at me all excited to spray paint and not get high on fumes:

See the after(s) after the jump!

After priming & two coats of paint, here’s how the after turned out:

You thought I would stop at office supplies? You thought wrong.

Mirror before:

And after:

And for the final look on my beloved 70-inch melamine conference table that I call my desk:

Spray painting office organizers yellow

So…what do you think?

Products used: