A New Direction for PSS

This blog has taken many forms. First, it was a purely curative effort–a simple collection of things found on the web that I wanted but could not have. Then, it evolved into fashion & personal style. Eventually, I began incorporating another of my favorite topics (beauty) into the mix.

But, friends, today I am ready to embark on a new adventure for Pretty Shiny Sparkly: Norwegian men’s fashion.

Norwegian mens’ fashion is huge–simply a phenomenon unto itself. With the more than 2 million Norwegian men that inhabit this earth, it’s also not just a small niche.

So it is with delight and pride that I embark on this new journey for PSS, starting with its very first Norwegian mens’ fashion outfit post.

Starring none other than my Norwegian father. Wearing a bunad (read: traditional Norwegian garb specific to the region of Norway where the man or woman is from). This is what he will be wearing to my wedding in May!

Let’s give a hand to my father for starring in his very first outfit post!