A Touch of Vintage & Glamour

Wearing Obakki one-shoulder top, pearl necklace as belt, headband fascinator

Somebody is going to have to wrestle this headband fascinator from my iron-clad grip. I love it too much.

I’m not much of a one-shoulder kind of gal (mine are too narrow for anything to drape reliably or fit right) but this grecian-esque one-shoulder number from Obakki is too glamorous to ignore. I especially love the way it drapes–sort of sideways from the shoulder, you know? I paired it with a long strand of vintage pearls, worn as a belt.

And boots. Lord help me, I am obsessed. These are a pair of Frye Campus 14’s in Banana I bought back in college. To this day I still regret the color choice, because I feel I’d have worn them more often had I gotten them in brown. I have such a crippling sense of practicality. But now it’s all good since I have my brown Engineers!

I am totally digging these sunglasses from Angel Eyewear – the eggplant purple is totally a color I would shy away from, but since they’re so big, the purple color softens it up & makes it more feminine. You know me + girly = love.

  • Top: Single Shoulder Jersey Tank courtesy of Obakki
  • Belt: vintage pearl strand
  • Boots: Frye Campus 14L boots in “Banana”
  • Shades: Grace sunglasses in Lavender courtesy of Angel Eyewear
  • Hair: headband/fascinator from Target

Would love your feedback on the ensemble!

Oh, and it’s Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s 6-month anniversary! Cannot believe it has only been six months since I started this blog. You are the ones who keep me going, posting, and generally running from day-to-day.

It has been 7 months since I lost a sibling only a few years younger than me, and I cannot tell you how good this blog has been for me during that time. Your encouraging comments, your humor, your feedback: it is the only thing that makes it worthwhile. I don’t know anybody who blogs without caring about what others think. It’s the reason we do it. Otherwise these photos would be in a scrapbook on my coffee table, or wouldn’t exist at all.

So thank you. For letting me create this world, this escape into irreverent girliness. And for joining me. Now it’s a party!