Letter from the Editor

A Letter from the Editor about this Blog’s Business

I started PSS as a girly haven for my love of fashion, accessories, design, and generally girly things, as well as an escape from the traumatic & sudden loss of my 20-year-old brother in October ’09.

I do not accept display ads on my site.

I do accept product for editorial consideration, however this does not sway my opinion about the item; in fact, I’m more likely to review it under a harsher eye than if I had paid for it myself.

I do work with brands in collaborative efforts to continue this blog as a business and to continue to invest in this resource for you guys. This aids me in keeping updated camera equipment, lighting, and things to buy for you guys for giveaways.

With regard to “c/o” outfit items – I’ll never wear an item that isn’t my style or taste, just because I got it for free. In fact, I’ve politely refused to wear or returned many items that were just plain ridiculous! More importantly, nearly every single item I wear that is complimentary I picked out myself. I insist on this policy with most brands. So you know that it’s all me. Actually, I’ve greatly reduced the number of sponsored items that I receive, and purchase 99.9% of my entire wardrobe myself. Sponsorships are a two-way street, and when PSS and a sponsor are mutual fans of one another, I think it’s a harmonious relationship that benefits not only both parties, but you the reader as well, since most of the time I am able to procure a promotional discount for PSS readers. I am a big fan of the win-win situation.

I go out of my way to ensure that I uphold the utmost integrity with my blog. I only hope other blogs take my lead.



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