Airplane Essentials

Airplane essentials -- What to pack

When I’m traveling by air, there are a few simple rules I live by to make my traveling as easy and stress-free as possible. I always live by my J.Crew pixie pants (2) as they are incredibly stretchy yet heavyweight pants that aren’t leggings, so they hold their shape and look a bit more–shall we say, appropriate–than leggings do. When on long-haul flights, it’s essential that you do not wear makeup as it can clog your pores terribly–so I go barefaced and slap on a pair of oversized sunglasses (1) which does the trick of covering up my face on a less-than-perfect (read: everyday) skin day.

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Hydration is essential when you’re spending hours in the dry air of an airplane. Did you know: the recirculated air of an airplane approximate those of U.S. southwestern deserts–approximately 10 to 20%! So I bring an empty Bobble (3) in my bag and fill it up at the nearest water fountain after airport security. I also spritz my face with a hydrating mist like my favorite Caudalie Beauty Elixir (7).

U.S. airport security is safer than before 9/11, but also more of a hassle. I always wear slip-on flats (5) to expedite the time it takes to get through security, and a jazzy little pair never hurts! I catch up on my latest tablet versions of fashion magazines with my iPad (4) or I watch a movie, so I always bring headphones (8). I carry everything in a large shopper tote (6), like this plaited handle one from Zara.

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