Seriously? Who am I kidding. When it comes to wearing animal prints, it’s honestly hard for me not to incorporate them into an outfit.

Please take a look at a sampling of my animal-themed shoe collection. I think all I’m missing is possum.

Left to Right: Forever 21 | Christian Siriano for Payless | Wanted | Calvin Klein | Wanted | Sam Edelman

Above: a leopard coat eBay find

Above: Forever 21 headband | Bvlgari bracelet (c/o) | ASOS claw bracelet

Above: a well-loved and well-worn J.Crew belt

When it came to this Bloggers Do It Better challenge, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to approach this outfit. Go crazy and mix animal prints? Possibly. Go with a few animal print accessories? Also a possibility. But then I felt like unless I piled on the animal prints and looked like a crazy cat lady recluse…I wouldn’t do all of my items justice.

So, because I literally tried and failed several times to come up with a perfect outfit that would encompass just how much I love animal print {seriously, it’s like dedicating a post to cardigans – do I wear all the cardigans I own? No–thus the dilemma}, I decided to throw in the towel and highlight some of my best use of animal print. I had a really fun time digging through the outfit archives (which are new and improved, yay!). You can click on each to see the full outfit post.

Literally cannot wait to see what you all come up with as you take a walk on the “wild side”! (I don’t know what’s been more fun with this challenge – the animal print itself, or all the punny jokes I get to make!) Follow the official BDIB twitter account

Note to all Bloggers Do It Better participants: the link-up post will go live at this address (Wednesday midnight CST): https://kristinabraly.com/bloggers-do-animal-print-better/