Announcing: PSS Mobile

Here at Pretty Shiny Sparkly, I’m always striving to make your browsing experience better and better. For much of this time, my work has been devoted to bettering the desktop site version. I struggled with mobile versions simply because nothing I worked with would give me the branding I desired (I wanted it to look like the same PSS you are used to, but a “lite” version). Finally, I spent a day working on it and am happy to unveil it to my mobile users.

Simply visit prettyshinysparkly.com from your mobile device to experience PSS Mobile. In the future, exclusive content and even prizes will be offered to mobile users, so be sure to bookmark!

Currently supported devices/systems: Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android OS, Blackberry Storm/Torch/Bold 3, Windows Phone 7, Palm Pre/Pixi, Samsung

Of course it’s still a work in progress, so please report bugs in the comments below or any suggestions for future features! Any feedback is appreciated–let me know if you tried it and it worked out for you! (Especially check out the iPad version – it rocks!)

P.S. – sorry if posts are a little straggly this week – I’ve been knocked out by a rather vicious flu-like bug!