At Home: Sleeping Spaces

Continuing the mini house tour (see the living spaces here), sleeping quarters are a very big particular with me. It must be soothing, calm, blank. No cable TV (sorry, [houston]). I found the linen duvet at Target and mismatched it with Shabby Chic pink ruffled bedding–clearly I thought it was a compromise between feminine & masculine. The look on [houston]’s face made me think otherwise.  You may recognize the above mirror from my little DIY project.

The goblet I purchased from a thrift store – it’s this wonderfully tarnished silver with almost pink patches to it, it’s so old and abandoned. I love it. Plus, it serves a function–it holds assorted rings and one of my favorite pendant necklaces.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! [houston] and I are going to check out a band for the reception tomorrow, and shooting my outfits, of course, for the following week!