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10 Best (Free!) iPhone Apps for Fashionistas

I have an iPhone. Yes, I do. And I’m proud of it. If you have an iPhone, say it loud and say it proud, sista! (Preferably in the comments–people around you may call the police.)Here are the top 10 best iPhone apps for fashionistas like you and me. (Oh, and they’re all free.)


Rose Gold Feather Necklace Giveaway

Hello, pretties. Lauren Haupt of Lauren Haupt Jewelry is giving one lucky reader this gorgeous Rose Gold Feathers necklace. I found Lauren’s work on Etsy, and instantly adored her and her designs (and not just because she coincidentally has already visited PSS). You can clearly see the precision and attention to detail that goes into each and every piece. Please check out her shop and…


Pretty Chandeliers

And now for something completely different…{ just some visual eye-candy for you, my pretties } I’m a sucker for pretty chandeliers. Yet I’ve never in my life installed one. I would love, love, love to have a gorgeous white one hanging in our master bedroom, but I’m a hot sleeper so I absolutely must have a fan. Too bad. Unless they can come up with…


Sneak Peek Spring 2010: Rain Boots

Spring is a lovely time–and not just because my birthday happens to fall around then (May 1st, holla!). It’s full of sunny days, chirping birds, blossoming blooms, and…rainshowers. But you know PSS has got you covered. Literally. I’m good like that. I have a phenomenal obsession with rain boots. Argyle galoshes currently reside in my teeny-weeny closet right now. If I wasn’t such a poor…