Animal Instincts

Bloggers Do It Better™

A few years ago, animal prints jumped out of their Lisa Frank-residing-pages and onto the fashion plates of the world. Today, the story hasn’t changed. Animal prints continue to positively rock the fashion world every season, be it New York, Paris, London, Milan, or beyond. Today, people are even going as far as to claim leopard print a neutral (I subscribe to that camp).

Would animal prints be as big as they are today without the power of fashion bloggers who rock it in the real world? Let’s find out, shall we? It’s time for another Bloggers Do It Better™!

You Know What To Do

Your mission: sport animal prints. Notice I said prints. Have fun with it. Mix it up by wearing more than one. See the above photo–snakeskin printed clutch with graphic mumblemumble* printed sweater? Genius.

Come back and post your look’s link on PSS on Wednesday, October 5th (that’s one week from today!)

* Apparently I need to brush up on my animal prints. What the heck is that thing? Whatever it is, I love it.

My Brushes With Animal Danger

Leopard_and_maroon_tights11sm Leopard_and_Lace05sm Leopard1_5sm kristinhassandress1sm

Photos in collages by Tommy Ton, all others by yours truly.

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