Being Pretty Shiny & Sparkly – By Grit & Glamour

Guest Blogger: Vahni | Grit & Glamour

While I’m in Norway for the holidays I’ve asked a few select bloggers to host Pretty Shiny Sparkly until my return. Please give Vahni a warm welcome with your comments! xoxo — Kristina

Pretty. Shiny. Sparkly.

You know how they say people resemble their dogs? Well I think people also resemble their blogs. Kristina is most definitely pretty, shiny, and sparkly—in that way that only blue-eyed blondes can be. Something happens when the light hits that brilliant blonde mane, those shimmering blue eyes. You’ve seen enough photos of Kristina here (and have read enough posts) to know it’s true: she does sparkle! In everything she does, from the top of that lovely head of hers right down to her toes.

Enter moi.

I’m Vahni of Grit and Glamour: one part gotta-do-what-you-gotta-do everydayness, one part over-the-top, unapologetic glam. I might not have Kristina’s glorious effervescence, but I am prettyshinysparkly too. And so are you.

We are pretty…

With the sun in our hair and on our skin. Because we look in the mirror and believe that pretty is as pretty does.

We are shiny…

In our gleaming black jackets. Because who are we not to shine our light into the world?

We are sparkly…

In our spiky, studded stilettos. Because we know that sparkles on the outside are just a representation of what we are inside.

Limited faux patent jacket, Banana Republic tunic, Club Monaco fur scarf, Mossimo faux leather leggings,
Sam Edelman studded stilettos, bracelet…(can’t remember), Target plastic flower ring.

Thank you Kristina, for sharing your space, and shining your light. Readers, come see me at Grit and Glamour, or find me on Twitter @gritandglamour.

Happy holidays!