Being Pretty Shiny & Sparkly – By Kendi Everyday

Guest Blogger: Kendi | Kendi Everyday

While I’m in Norway for the holidays I’ve asked a few select bloggers to host Pretty Shiny Sparkly until my return. Please give Kendi a warm welcome with your comments! xoxo — Kristina

jacket: target | top: loft | jeans: gap | shoes: urban outfitters | necklace: h&m

Hello friends! Kendi here, from Kendi Everyday. Ironic enough I live only a few hours away from Kristina here in Texas but we’ve never met. One day we will meet and when we do it will be the best day in blogger land. Plus, I’ll get her to give me a check-up for free. Med school perks, right?

Kristina asked what does pretty shiny sparkly mean to me. Well besides being an adorable blog, pretty shiny sparkly means that if one of those elements is involved a good day is guaranteed. No matter what comes my way, I know that if I am wearing a) something sparkly b) something shiny or c) something pretty then there is no way that my day can be bad. If I’m wearing all three at once it’s either the best day ever, a national holiday or it’s my birthday.

All that to say is you can’t always control what your day brings, but there is nothing like adding a little sparkle to your step to help brighten things up. Besides, I’ve never seen anyone in a sequined jacket with frown.

As I sign off, I just want to say one thing: Kristina — I like you but am completely jealous that you’re in Norway. Glad I could get that off my chest. Thanks for letting me take over today and as always you can find me at Kendi Everyday.