Big Cat

I felt like I stepped right out of the 80’s when I put this ensemble together this weekend. After I’d already paired the black resin jeans with the neon pink tiger top I purchased at Forever 21 this weekend, I figured I’d go all-out with the cat theme and paired them with my cheetah pumps for a little rocker-chic meets mixing-prints look.

The purchase of my fluorescent pink tiger shirt this weekend may seem random, given the warming weather and the fact that you don’t see me wearing too many screen-printed shirts, but I couldn’t help myself after watching this fascinating Tiger Man series on television the night before. So when I spotted it up on the highest rack at my local Forever 21, I had to have it.

I’ve been wearing MAC’s lipstick color “Impassioned” for years now (even on the blog), and I’m now seeing it on some fellow fashion bloggers – I think it’s really taking off! It’s a beautiful high-punch hot pink color but extremely wearable (if you like bright lipstick). Other favorite MAC colors I often wear include Lovelorn, Bombshell, Fabby, and Viva Glam Lady Gaga.

Excuse me while I go fly to Eureka’s Castle, visit Rainbow Brite, work out with Richard Simmons, ride My Little Pony, and pop in my mix tape to listen to AHA sing “Take On Me.”

Can you tell I’m an 80’s child? What were some of your favorite things about the 80’s?