My Birthday Luxury Wish List

As I approach the middle of my thirties, I find myself more content than I ever have been in my life. As such, it was difficult–but not difficult?–to envision a dream luxury wishlist. The truth is I could just be sitting at home with a glass of wine, my baby and my husband and my doggies by my side, cozied up in our beautiful home and be over the moon. Who really needs anything, anyway? I have everything I could ever want, and more.

But….that doesn’t make for a very fun blog post, does it? ?

That being said…here’s my top-of-the-top, “one day” wishlist, just for fun! The image above has some clickable areas but I’ve listed them here below for your reference as well!

1. Cartier Juste Un Clou (“just a nail”) 17mm gold
2. Ember temperature controlled mug (inspired by Christopher Allen)
3. Hermes Twilly bath products: body balm, body wash, body lotion
4. Gucci pink loafers
5. Tiffany gold small bead bracelet
6. Cartier Trinity ring, medium classic
7. Skylight Frame
8. Cartier Love Bracelet 17mm gold

As I’ve said, really nothing makes me happier in life than being with the people and creatures I love. As I get older, I’m more and more appreciative of what I call the “Intangibles” – those things in life that money can’t buy. After all – when you die, you can’t take your money or possessions with you. I know we’re getting deep here on a post you probably clicked on out of curiosity, but I think it’s important to stress that although my posts and videos show “a certain type of genre”, that I truly don’t think that possessions buy you happiness. I know this from personal experience!

Much love xx

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