Bite Collector’s Edition Swatches

Bite Beauty stole my heart a long time ago with their cute logo (a bite taken out of the B? adorbs!) and creamy lipsticks in beautiful, highly pigmented shades. One of their holiday offerings is this limited edition Bite Collectors Edition set, valued at over $200, for $98 exclusively at Sephora. Only 1000 of these sets were produced.

On the whole, I found the set perfect for gifting, but not much I would covet myself, personally. The lipsticks are teeny tiny, and some are nice and creamy (what I would expect from Bite) while others left more to be desired, with a glazy, sheer finish. Perhaps the thing that most disturbed me (perhaps because I’m a beauty blogger and feel the need to label everything), is that the lipsticks aren’t named. Sure, they come with some barely-discernable color schema on the back of the box, but if I were to throw away all the packaging, I’d have a (albeit gorgeous) set of unnamed lipsticks.

What I do think this is PERFECT for is breaking up into little pieces for stocking stuffers/gift bags. How cute would it be for your girls/girlfriends to open up one of these adorable little double-ended lipsticks? I also find these PERFECT for throwing in your handbag, because you have two lipstick options in one small “bite-sized” little tube. (See what I did there?)

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