Black White & Red All Over

Have you heard that primary school riddle, “What’s black, white, & red all over?” “A newspaper!”

If you haven’t, consider yourself enlightened.

Please don’t mind the bunchy belt sitch going on over here. Something to do with ruffle-butt and starchy-gingham-shirts-not-tucking-properly-into-light-weight-chiffon-skirts. I may or may not be one of those girls that reaches under her skirt while waiting for the elevator, and pulls down her shirt from the inside.

May or may not.

This is my outfit for the latest BDIB challenge (RED). Be sure to post and link up your look featuring something (or everything) RED on Tuesday!

Be a doll and 1) have a great weekend, and 2) click “Like” above on the floating menu bar that creepily follows you around until you share this golden-nugget-of-a-post with others. Creepy, but effective. I need one of those for my to-do list everyday. I’d get all that sh*t done.