Black & White

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! [houston] and I spent Easter Sunday at church and brunch, where I wore my Hervé Domar pearls (gifted to me by my future mother-in-law) for the first time. They’re pink, and gorgeous!!

Also, big thank you to Rachel Zoe for sending me this lovely dress. I really enjoyed wearing it to church for its first outing. I think I’m going to have the waist taken in to make it a bit more fitted, even though I believe the shape is meant to be A-line…I think on shorties like me we need all the definition and tailoring we can get. I paired it with pink (dangerously pointy-toed) stilettos which are about a million a decade old.

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  • I have the same issue with dresses (curse my short legs!!) but this dress looks great on you! Perfect base for future outfit fabulousness too!!

  • Love this dress!

  • PrettyShinySparkly> Black & White: I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! and I spent Easter Sunday at… (#fashion)

  • Black & White: I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! and I spent Easter Sunday at church and brunch, where I wor…

  • Black & White: I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! and I spent Easter Sunday at church and brunch, where I wor…

  • Chris

    I can understand wanting to take your dress in, but why not try a bright belt that matches your shoes and other accessories? It looks like it would cut across your waist in one of the black stripes…

  • What a gorgeous dress! And those pearls are stunning! I agree with earlier comments, either a bit shorter or taken in would work. Love the red lips BTW :-)xoxo,

  • Love how broad the stripes are on this dress.Makes it less intimidating to wear compared to a tight dress with skinny stripes.
    Love the hit of colour in the shoes and lips.


  • Looooooving this dress! I’m a sucker for anything stripes and the shape of this is so cute on you!! Yay for outfit posts – we’ve missed you! 🙂

  • i think taking in the waist would work out great and make the dress a little more petite friendly for sure. if it was shorter, i think that would work out ok, too. it’ll be a super fun dress to layer with when its cooler out, too!Easy Petite Looks

  • So pretty!! Love it with the pink heels too!

  • I remember those shoes!!! O gosh the memories …..

  • Obsessed with Stripes! Love the red lips!

  • Chaz

    Not my favorite dress, but you do look fresh and springy! I have to agree, I think you should take it in a little. The pearls are gorgeous!

  • I love how you name dropped Rachel Zoe like it ain’t no thing. I’m super jel. Love the dress!

  • Love the black and white dress, it can be so versatile. Loving the pink heels for the added color. And Rachel Zoe… heart her!
    xo, Yi-chia

  • Such a cute fun dress. Love the pop of pink from the shoes.

  • It’s a pretty dress, but it seems to be big on you, especially around the waist and under the arms. I do envy how well you pull off a red lip!

  • What a nice gift from your mother-in-law!

  • Black and White are my favorite combinations. There is something so elegant, refined and chic about the look. I like that you’ve added a pop of color with the shoes.
    xoxo, ~Erica~


  • Black and White are my favorite combinations! I love the elegance, refinement, and chic edge to the look. I like that you added a pop of color with the shoes. Nice post.
    Erica from STYLE SAVVY CHIC

  • I love when I can resusitate (sp? I am sure you know how to spell since you are a doctor in training!) — I have some Steve Madden pointy toe neon pink heels from college that are looking pretty cute with things now! I learned awhile ago to not throw out, even though my fiancee has accused me of fashion hoarding!

  • Gorgeous dress from Rachel Zoe! You look classy and fabulous 🙂

  • loved this @RachelZoe dress on @shopbop and it looks so darling on you @PrttyShnySprkly!

  • Beautiful dress! I love the broad stripes and the pink shoes! Fantastic outfit Kristina! xo, Christina

  • Wow, those PEARLS! So gorgeous and elegant! I love the colour – a little pink, but not too much, and I love the shape. Lucky you! :)That’s a really cool dress, I feel like you can occupy so many different personas with it – 60’s mod girl with a cool voluminous updo, chunky heels, and no necklace to show off the neckline, or 50’s chic with pearl earrings and a hat, etc…
    I have to agree with cinching in the waist a little. Even if the dress looks great on you, a little more definition around the waist will make it look even better, I think! And I might be wrong, but I think the A-line shape would still mostly be there even with a little tailoring :).
    Happy holidays!

  • Love the chic and simple style of this look!
    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  • Love this dress, especially with the shoes!

  • Cute dress! I love Rachel Zoe’s designs!

  • Wow what lucky gifts. So blessed 😉

  • I love your dress,- it’s simple and elegant, and goes very well with those pearls and heels.

  • I had seen this dress online & I totally love it on you with the red lipstick.I always say this but I will never get over a classic black and white color pairing.


  • Such a gorgeous dress, I love how simple yet bold it is!

  • I luv luv the dress, so chic :)RaEVEN

  • Love your blog – I can’t WAIT to do a “Bloggers Do It Better” feature! Are you still doing this??