Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking

Bloggers around the world, your mission was to come together with an outfit showing off your color-blocking or bold, colorful stripe talents. It’s time to debut your looks!

Bloggers Do It Better…

Remember when I told you to get crackin’ with creativity for the debut of Bloggers Do It Better? Here’s your debut chance to shine in the spotlight! I’ve already posted my entry, now it’s time for yours. Show off your color-blocking or bold colorful stripes!

The Official Blogger Link-Up!

  1. Enter your link info as prompted by the widget below
  2. Make sure you are displaying the button on your blog’s sidebar (required)
  3. Include the link to this post on your blog post so people who read your blog know what you’re participating in (required)
  4. Click through the links at your leisure – and enjoy! Leave comments and explore new blogs!
  5. Lastly, share this post! It will benefit everyone, including your blog. Submit it as a tip to your favorite fashion news blogs and magazines, why dontcha?

As a reminder…One of the requirements to participate in this link-up awesomeness is that you put this fabulous little Bloggers Do It Better button up somewhere on your site (sidebar, etc). Happy linking!

Bloggers Do It Better
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  • Kristina,

    Been a big fan of the blog for a while – first time posting. Keep up the great work… I really love the stuff you’ve got on here – including these selections.

  • […] when I read about this first assignment on color blocking, I was really skeptical as to whether I could pull it off or not as I don’t have too many […]

  • color blocking is huge this season and ff you love these looks as much as I do go check out and put it in your virtual closet! You will love how easy it is to make your closet instantly fabulous!

  • What a fun assignment – a real brainteaser! Can't wait to check out everyone's looks!

    xx Vivian @

  • […] I hope you are now feeling inspired to rock this trend yourself!  For more inspiration on color-blocking, check out Bloggers Do It Better. […]

  • Well, I have so much to learn…my photo came out really lame on this site…but if readers will click on it….is looks much better there. I really had fun participating! Thanks for doing this!!

  • I have joined you all, and will be having a good look at all your fab blogs!!

  • Looking forward to browsing through all of these submissions this evening and meeting some new bloggers!

  • […] at Pretty Shiny Sparkly, I decided to sign up for it! To see the rest of the entries click here. The theme this week is colorblocking, so […]

  • Thanks, can't wait to look at everyone's. It appears the old gal (me) took a slightly different twist from the neon's. I have been as nervous a an 8 year old going to Valentine's Day at school in her new velvet skirt (oh that was me too!). Just hoping I don't look ridiculous among all you young lovelies! Also, your button is on my blog here :!!!! Fun!!!

  • What fun this is! I am already trying to guess what your next assignment will be. Florals? Neutrals? Lace?

  • So fun! I have been able to find some great new bloggers!

  • I didn't think I had the duds to pull this challenge off but I think mine came out alright–it's not very "blocky" but there is certainly color! Thanks for putting this together Kristina, it came out great!

  • So glad to be part of this event!! You all look lovely and I love the way you included our thumbnails! That is WAY cool!
    If you stop by my entry today, please also take a minute to check out Project Style and vote for me! Color blocking is the trend I chose for my entry in the contest!!

    Thanks for sponsoring such a lovely event!!

  • Love all of the color thus far! Makes my rainy NYC morning MUCH more enjoyable!

  • Kristina, this was such a great idea! I love seeing all of the colors everyone's wearing!

  • Ah! I'm so sad I missed participating in this round, bad weather/spring wardrobe still in storage/april clothing budget shot…excuses excuses! Can't wait to click through and see everyone's interpretations!! So fun!

  • Hiya, I just found your blog. Wish I had found it sooner so I could have planned to participate but next time for sure. I follow now and can't wait to read more. – Giveaway today 🙂

  • Can't wait to be done with work for the day so I can click through these links – awesome job, Kristina!!



  • I had a great time participating and discovering new blogs. Thanks!

  • i love seeing all of these beautiful pops of color! the way you set up the linking widget is awesome too! great job Kristina!

  • This was so fun! And the thing is I would never have put these pieces together before, but now I'd definitely wear it to work. 🙂 Can't wait for the next assignment!

  • […] visit Pretty Shiny Sparkly, Bloggers Do it Better Hop, to see all of the Fashion Bloggers around the internet who are Color […]

  • I loved the idea of the challenge, the only thing is that the requirement banner is kind of large, could you make a smaller one? I'd love to participate but it's actually to big… 🙁

    • You can go into the html and adjust it down. I did.

      • Thanks! But I just added the new button! It's smaller… 🙂

  • What a fun assignment! A complete brain teaser! Can't wait to check out everyone else's looks!

  • […] not about 24. It’s about COLOR BLOCKING and most importantly how Bloggers Do It Better. Lol! Bloggers Do It Better is actually a new style challenge started by the lovely Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  You may […]

  • This is such a great feature, I love it!!! I'm glad I'm able to participate, I'm loving all these looks! 😀

  • Awesome! I have been on color block mode since Friday… and because I ran out of errands (stay-home-mommy most of the time here) I am linking my Friday post… looking at the colorful links is putting me in a happy mood! 🙂 Glad to have found your blog this morning…

  • Hey Kristina, Maybe have as one of the requirements that they turn off their friggin' captcha! …or just suggest it really sweetly in a perfect PSS kind of way! I commented on everyone's and at least half had on captcha.

    • Hi there – I appreciate the commenting but unfortunately that's just a really unrealistic requirement. I'm not going to tell people how to run their blogs. But I'm sure everyone knows that captcha is annoying! It's a Blogger thing, unfortunately.

  • Kristina, I was only kidding! TCB

    • Woman, half the time you say "HATE this" or "Hate that" how was I supposed to know?! Remember the internet screws up sarcasm in a very reliable way!

      xoxo K

      • True, true.

        By the way, I am loving this challenge and so are tons of other people. Can't believe all the wonderful commenting going on and all the gorgeous clothes. My hat goes off to you for this one…unbelievable. 96 entries? Wowza. You are going to think I am some kind of stalker if you see how many times I've clicked on that page. I just love looking at eveyone's interpretations…

  • I can't wait to go through all of these later when I have time!! I loved our first assignment 🙂



    • Your look is gorgeous! I envy your tan.

  • I am SO excited to be part of this movement!!! I know its going to be HUGE!!! Congrats on this new movement. I am new follower now. I love your style 🙂


    Flor de Maria

    • Thank you very much and welcome!

  • Thank you!!!! I just started my blog two months ago so this will be such a great way to connect with everyone!!! I had lots of fun with the first assignment and can't wait for the next!

    My post-studying reward is going to be checking out everyones looks – can't wait!

    Great idea and thanks again!

    • It too will be my post-studying reward tonight!

  • […] you haven’t checked out yet, go. And here’s the link to the Color Blocking Post on her site. Now. It’s fun. Seriously, go check it out! […]

  • You look great, lady! LOVE that top. 🙂

  • How fun! I love what you're doing, and have thoroughly enjoyed going through all of these posts!! I just might have to get in on this action! Happy to have found your blog- I'm following on google now! xo


  • Kristina, have I told you lately that you're a genius? Because you are. BDIB is such a great idea, and I love how it challenges bloggers to try different looks… I've never really been one for colour blocking before, but thanks to you I'm a total convert!


  • So fun! RT@PrttyShnySprkly Over 50 amazing fashion bloggers have participated in the first-ever #BloggersDoItBetter

  • LOVE this (and loving reading everyone else's posts!)!

    Can't wait for the next challenge. I'm thinking lace or florals as well!

  • Congrats @prettyshinysparkly we love your #BloggersDoItBetter contest! Followers check out 50+ bloggers style at:

  • […] More Color Blocking participants can be found here! […]

  • WHOOT! x RT @PrttyShnySprkly Over 50 amaze fashion bloggers have participated in 1st #BloggersDoItBetter-Colorblocking!

  • This is a wonderful idea! I love it 😀
    I can't wait to participate in future challenges. So exciting!

  • Everyone looks great in these bright and cheery outfits.
    What a great challange.

    I would love to participate if I can catch the next assignment message. I am usually behind in blog reading due to kids but will try…

  • I just submitted my #colorblocking post! Check out these other beauties

  • Kristina, this was such a great idea! I had so much fun clicking through all of the thumbnails and finding some new blogs to follow. I can't wait for our next assignment!

  • Lynn Z.

    You've done it again! Even though I'm not a blogger, I love this idea of bringing bloggers together! Way to go!


  • Such a fun assignment! When's the next one going to be up?

    14 Shades Of Grey

  • kristina so proud of you.
    this was such a wonderful venture and I am so happy to of been apart of it.

    thank you <3

  • […] So I’m sure you guys have heard all the hype about the new trend Color Blocking.  Bloggers Do It Better is a new challenge created by the lovely Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly. This challenge consists of weekly assignment of the latest trends where you can linkup on her blog for that week. This weeks first assignment was the Color Blocking trend which is very popular right now and I was up for the challenge. I do love color, but often I only play it safe and not think outside the box. Well with the color blocking trend you do just that and be creative and play around with color. I do need to work on adding more colors in my wardrobe, especially pants. I really don’t own many colored pairs of pants so I will be working on that. Head on over to Pretty Shiny Sparkly to see how everyone else is rocking Color Blocking. […]

  • I love this type of challenge! Thanks for coming up with such a cool idea 🙂

  • Kristina, this was a great idea and so much fun to see all the other bloggers outfits!

  • Looks great, everyone!

    My eyes need to readjust after checking out the vibrant pics!


  • I turned mine in…….just in time. I can't wait for the next assignment, and I promise to be more bold, lol! Thanks for doing this,


  • I bit the bullet and joined in!!!!! I was nervous, but I think I have it. I also have some ideas for some additional styles!

  • This is so amazing, everyone looks so beautiful! What a fun way to get bloggers togther, love it.

  • […] always up for trying something new, so when I spotted something about a Bloggers Do It Better challenge while reading through blogland, I thought why not give it a […]

  • […] is my late entry into Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s Bloggers Do It Better challenge, color-blocking or stripes. The sun was not out today in Austin, at least not when I got off work, […]

  • Oops! I missed the deadline entry, but love how my color blocked outfit tuned out! I'm looking forward to your next challenge K!! Thanks for hosting 🙂

    • I extended it just for a couple of hours so you can put yours up. 🙂

      • Kristina, that’s super sweet of you! I also missed your reply, so also missed putting it up. But no worries. I’ll just consider it practice for the next round! Looking forward to it!

  • […] I am participating in the Bloggers Do It Better – Color Blocking Challenge .  Take a look at the other girls […]

  • I missed the deadline too, thought it was today 🙁 but went ahead and blogged about it anway. I don't want to miss next time but for now I'm going to browse and find some inspiration!

    • I extended it just for a couple of hours so you can put yours up paulina 🙂

  • […] came across this group a day too late, sadly, but I will be up and running with the next challenge at Pretty Shiny […]

  • @PrttyShnySprkly Thx 4 letting us join in on the color blocking fun! We are so lucky to be in such good company!

  • […] did I do this week when I wasn’t working on BDIB or studying like a maniac for […]

  • Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking via @PrttyShnySprkly If you are blogger you should participate in her link ups!

  • Awww, very dissapointed that I couldn't partake in coulour blocking! But VERY excited to do the next one 😀

  • […] right about now I should tell you that Assignment #1 is Colorblocking or Bold Colorful Stripes. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Remember to check back for the official assignment […]

  • […] there will be a Bloggers Do It Better linkup post, where you can enter your link (including a spiffy thumbnail generator) to your color blocking […]

  • What a creative idea it's very good to see bloggers support each other. I love the color blocking patterns it's so fashionable.

    visit my blog at where fashion is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • […] Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking from Pretty Shiny Sparkly. […]

  • Ash

    Yeah! I can't wait to do this! Now I just need to figure out how to link up and all that good stuff 🙂

  • Just discovered this link from@PrttyShnySprkly, had to share: , Bloggers Do It Better #sotrue

  • Hey! I mentioned Bloggers Do It Better on my blog today! Love it!

    Much Love,


  • […] so often, Kristina will post a fashion challenge—the first challenge was color blocking. Participating bloggers will post their looks on their blog, and all the looks are showcased on […]

  • I guess I'm too late to add my color blocking outfit, but if you want to see it anyway it's here –
    I really appreciate all your visits and comments, thanks! 🙂

  • […] I totally missed the Colorblocking or Bold Colorful Stripes for Bloggers Do It Better. But I used it as inspiration for today’s post. I guess tomorrow I […]

  • […] on the MarshesColor blocking is nothing new, but it is especially prominent this year.From the Bloggers Do It Better challenge to the Color Brigade, there is no lack of inspiration out in the blogging world. But here […]

  • […] Via […]

  • Cool! this is so fun, can I still participate?

  • […] out other submissions here! Tagged with: Forever 21  · 30 Comments · Browse related posts […]

  • […] other day this post made me realize my closet lacked bold stripes. So I headed to the thrift store for my weekly […]

  • […] for fashion bloggers that inspired this post. Check out the rest of the fabulous participants at I finished the look of with brown tights, nude Brian Atwood pumps, a vintage pearl necklace and […]

  • […] love a color block frock! Better yet, you gotta love Kristina at Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly for turning to link love with bloggers linking up all of their renditions on the trend.  So the […]

  • […] their wardrobes based on a color, a trend, or a style (see the past entries for Prep School Style, Color Blocking, and White […]

  • […] I told you I am part of this new community called “Bloggers do it Better” that Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly started. I am so excited to be part of this new movement! Today’s assigment was “white […]

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  • great idea !

  • Theresa