Bloggers Do It Better: RED

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! This month the challenge was RED and red you are indeed. Red cheeks flushed from the wintery cold, or perhaps the love of a significant other. Either way, red can be an intimidating color for most people to wear, fashion-wise. But there’s never a better excuse to wear it than February – the month of love and when those of us are dying to brighten up the winter’s gloom with a pop of color. Without further ado, I give you the tenth rendition of Bloggers Do It Better. Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies, and check below for a very exciting announcement (me without makeup!). ♥

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Getting ready tonight?

Check out my Youtube channel for a makeup tutorial that is Valentine’s date ready to make your man’s heart go flutter. It’s my first full-on makeup tutorial, and you get to see me with unbrushed hair and no makeup. Cool beans.

Photo sourcse: Style.com