Bombshell Silver Sunset Tutorial & Giveaway

Covergirl Bombshell silver sunset smoky eye tutorial

Hey guys and gals! Welcome to 2014! I’m so happy it’s an even-numbered year. Is anyone else like that? I just automatically assume odd-numbered years aren’t going to be as good as even-numbered ones. But then again, I’m a little superstitious, and a lot OCPD. Go figure. Let me know in the comments if I’m not alone.

Anyway, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite glam looks lately, and I’m calling it (for lack of a better phrase), my “Silver Sunset” look, and if you’re wondering about the sunset part, well–you’ll just have to watch the video to find out, won’t ya? It’s one of my smoky eye tricks!

Products Used

I’m obsessed with the new Bombshell range by CoverGirl. Especially the mascara. You may be a bit confused by this double-ended behemoth, but don’t be: it’s extraordinary. The brilliant two-step system combines extreme volume (step 1) with an intensifying, glossy top coat (step 2) for big, sexy bombshell lashes. It really gives you that “wet look” that has been so popular on the runways for several years. And man, even though I have lash extensions in, they made my lashes look 10 times larger even than they already were!  FYI: from January 5th through January 25th, all CoverGirl products are buy one get one 50% off at ULTA Beauty! This offer is available in-store and online. Click here to shop the collection.

I also love the shineshadows. They are so pigmented, shimmery, and once they set they don’t smudge or transfer. I like to top them with a sparkle topcoat (this is a personal favorite).


I’m giving away all of the CoverGirl Bombshell line as well as a $100 Ulta Beauty Gift Card! All you have to do to enter is tell me what makes you feel most like a bombshell! You can enter once per day, every day! *You must be a Facebook Fan of PSS to be eligible.*

Contest ends 1/14/13 – Good luck!

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  • Angela

    Love the look! What colour lipstick did you use, it looks lovely..thanks… Angela

  • Looks like an easy look to do!! Thanks for sharing!! Maybe I could do it!

  • How lovely! this look is amazing

  • I feel most like a bombshell when I’ve got fabulous bombshell eyelashes!! I need to try that mascara!

  • Lisa

    I completely agree with Niki down below, I love me a good mascara! Thats what definitely makes me feel like a bombshell!! Very curious about that mascara! xo

  • Kelly Edwards

    Your skin looks beautiful! I feel most like a bombshell when my hair looks awesome and voluminous!

  • Robin Maples

    Fakes lashes make me feel like a bombshell!

  • Stephanie H

    When I have long lashes and manage to get my hair to hold a curl – that’s when I feel like a bombshell 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Hi Kristina, I just wanted to ask what the name of the silver shadow base coat that you used for this is? Love this tutorial! Thanks:)

    • I believe it’s called master studio? It’s by Maybelline and is a crayon, smokey double ended tool.

  • Justine

    Red lips!

  • Natalie

    So going to try the bronzer trick! It’s gorgeous, Kristina!I feel my most bombshell when my hair is did up. My face could be completely bare and splotchy but if my hair is either blown out, curled, or in the summertime, with it’s natural beachy waves, I feel my best!

  • Love that bronzer trick! I feel most like a bombshell when my hair is curled!

  • Peggy

    When my 3 month old grandson, Ryan, smiles at me I feel like Queen of everything! Bombshell just doesn’t cut it. 🙂

  • Jessica

    Question: Does the mascara easily run or smudge? I have long lashes and I always have issues with mascaras smudging under my eyes, from where my lashes hit when I blink… Kind of a pet peeve of mine. Or when my eyes barely water and the mascara melts. Did you notice this or any other smudging after wearing all day? Thanks!

    • I always have the same problem. With this mascara I haven’t had it on long enough to say for sure but when I washed it off that night, no smudges. I recommend waterproof formulas!

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  • Lacey

    I feel like a bombshell when I finish a Half Marathon. How do you clean your brushes after using them on the shimmer?

  • Lisa Brooks

    A little sparkle on the eyes always makes me feel like a bombshell!!

  • Amy S

    A red lip!!!

  • Jordan

    Kristina, I love this look! An amazing blowout with big curls is how I feel most like a bombshell!

  • Leanne

    I feel most like a bombshell when I have my nails done! What product did you use before applying the shineshadow? I don’t see it listed above.

  • Alex Gens

    I LOVE this look, I will definitely give it a try! I feel most like a bombshell when I wear fake eyelashes and big wavy hair. What color shine shadow would you recommend for green eyes?

  • Kathryn

    Hmm, When do I feel most like a bombshell? When I have a fresh new Shellac manicure done!

  • Calli

    Looks great! I want to try that two-step mascara! Taking the time to straighten my hair makes me feel like a bombshell!

  • Leah Warner

    The thing that makes me feel most like a bombshell is fresh, dewy skin! When my skin is glowing, I literally feel like I am glowing. The best product that helps me glow is “That Gal” by Benefit! Definitely helps create a beautiful glow in my skin! Would love to amp up my look with the Covergirl Bombshell line though! 🙂

    • Congratulations, you were the randomly selected winner of the giveaway! Please let me know you address and proof of being a Facebook fan (screenshot) by emailing it to me. My email is kristina at prettyshinysparkly dot com.

      • Leah Warner

        WOOO!! I am so stoked! I have emailed you from Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for such an amazing giveaway!

  • Ruth

    Perfectly polished nails make me feel most like a bombshell!

    • Fun! Bold lips make me feel like a bombshell : )

  • Cassandra Eastman

    Dressing up for an evening out with my husband makes me feel like a bombshell! Smokey Eyes & Sexy heels!

  • anissa

    a killer manicure makes me feel amazing!

  • lifeskit

    Wearing my fave outfit!

  • lifeskit

    You did a great job with your makeup!! Love it!!

  • Ruth

    A fresh haircut makes me feel great too!

  • Farhana Aziz
  • lifeskit

    This is my new fave glam looks : )

  • lifeskit

    Can’t wait to try it myself!

  • Jenmarie

    That is seriously a GORGEOUS eye make-up look! Thanks for the tutorial. I feel most like a bombshell when I am all ready for the day! I feel like I can tackle anything!

    • Jenmarie

      Forgot to say, I am a fan of your page. Name: Jennifer Goss.

      • Thanks! Make sure you enter thru the rafflecopter widget though, for it to count!

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        • Jenmarie

          Oh, bummer. I must not be able to see it on your page. It’s not visible in the post and what you posted in the comment just appears as html coding :/

  • Ruth

    A beautiful smoky eye-look makes me feel like a bombshell too!

  • lifeskit

    That is a perfect name for that look!!!

  • lifeskit

    That deal at ULTA is great!! Will be there shortly : )

  • Ruth

    This is such a beautiful line, keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  • Ruth

    I would definitely feel like a bombshell with this mascara, it’s amazing!

  • lifeskit

    Almost time. Would love to win!

  • Jenmarie

    I feel like a bombshell with freshly washed and styled hair!

  • lifeskit

    Last day! So exciting!!

  • Diana S

    I feel like a bombshell when am having a good hair day!

  • Amy Orvin

    Smelling pretty with perfume makes me feel like a