Bow Tied

When I saw this bow tie online at Topshop, I knew I had to have it. Styling it, however, was a different story. It’s not everyday you walk out wearing a bow tie. Admittedly, I could have gotten my feet wet with something like this, but…did I mention the center is an adorable little skull? And there are studs on the tips? Le sigh. I love this little thing. So I wore it with a plain white oxford and jeans. This little bow tie adds just the right amount of drama for any fashion blogger. Non fashion bloggers? Wear at your own risk.

As we walked out the door to shoot this outfit, my husband patted down the back of my hair. “You have a rat’s nest,” he said kindly. I told him I wanted it to look that way. Men just don’t get it do they. We try very very hard to look like we’re not trying.


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