Apologies in advance for the plethora of pictures…it’s like my camera decided to throw up good, fantastic, fun photos and I simply couldn’t say no to them (but I did, oh I did…and still there are 21 photos). Well, I guess that’s what happens when you have the best time ever doing an outfit shoot with your BFF and her boyfriend. Yep, Tracy and Paul filled in HB’s shoes while he was away on two interviews in different parts of the country.

So, lucky you, you get two outfit posts in one! One from me, and one from my uber-stylish, Burberry-loving best friend, Tracy (seen here & here), whom I’ve known since the first day of 3rd grade (we met in homeroom). Thank you to Paul for taking the amazing photos of both myself and the two BFF’s laughing together. I went ahead and took Tracy’s photos for fun.

My Outfit

I’m officially as in love with this skirt as I imagined I would be. All day, I felt both regal and bohemian at the same time, if that makes any sense at all.

The skirt is so long, and so tiny (but this is good, you’ll see why) that it sat right on my natural waist, which felt as if it were up to my armpits thanks to everything being low-rise these days…this actually helped with the length issue, and platform boots (also seen here here & here) solved the issue of the last few inches.


makeup: mac blush in “dollymix”, revlon matte lipstick in “pink pout”, mac eyeshadow in “gleam”

Oy vey. I’m getting these crazy hairs cut today – phew! Crossing my fingers that it turns out well, since I’m going to a new salon that’s completely green (as in, eco-friendly).

What are best friends for? Why, rearranging your necklaces and directing your “accessories shot” pose, of course!

top, skirt, rings & eiffel tower necklace: forever 21 | vintage bracelets | michael kors watch (c/o) | sam edelman boots (c/o) | house of harlow 1960 pendant (c/o) | pasión for omnatura bag

Also: big, big thanks go to Lynzy of Sparkling Footsteps for procuring this very hard-to-find skirt from Forever 21 for me. I’d seen it ages ago on several bloggers and loved it, but couldn’t bite the bullet when it came to checking out on F21 because I just knew the skirt would be too long on me.

Lynzy had bought one herself recently, as it turns out, and made a separate trip to F21 to buy the skirt in my size for me. Special thanks go out to this kindhearted girl who did something sweet for a fellow blogger in another city far away, for nothing in return. Please check out Sparkling Footsteps!

Um, also…I’m basically wearing head-to-toe Forever 21. What can I say, it fits with my med student budget, and I love their on-trend styles! You do have to dig through some crap, though. But it’s worth it.

Tracy’s Outfit

Cutest. boots. EVER!

Isn’t her eye makeup gorgeous? I had to get a shot of it. Plus, my Christmas present from HB was a fabulous 60mm Macro USM f/2.8 lens, and I wanted to take advantage of its badass macro capabilities!

But mainly her eye makeup was pretty.

sweater & belt: express | jeggings: mossimo (target) | booties: liliana from method | ring: david yurman | bracelets: francesca’s | earrings: giveaway

Best Friends Forever (BFF)

Tracy and I have been best friends since the third grade. Over the years we’ve accrued enough nicknames to fill a small room, are the bluntest to each other than we are to anyone else (even our boyfriends), laugh together easily and naturally about pretty much everything, and consider ourselves sisters.

In the end we’re just two best friends gabbing and laughing…Like when two walkers strolled by and the elderly male joked, “Lookin’ good ladies.”

“Thank you!” we squealed.

What do you and your best girlfriend(s) like to do for fun together? Coffee? Movies? Drinks? Shopping?


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