How I’m Building My Investment Wardrobe

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually purchased less. I know what you may be thinking, “Kristina, what are you talking about, you buy things all the time.” While I won’t disagree with you–this girl definitely knows how to feel spendy–I have to say, that I purchase less (quantity) though I may on occasion spend more.




Because I am more interested in investment pieces that will last me a decade, rather than a season.

Because I am more interested in saving up for a purchase than I am blowing the same amount on hauls of clothing that I may wear once, or *gulp* admittedly never at all.


But that isn’t my only secret.

One can’t transform one’s wardrobe overnight from fast-fashion to investment closet. If you can, more power to you! I can’t bring myself to do so, nor could I afford it!


Instead, I slowly add pieces to my collection that will work, with anything. Black jeans. These gorgeous black loafers will literally never go out of style.


And then here’s the kicker: I will buy less than a handful of “on-trend” fast-fashion pieces that I know will be out of style in a few years, just to keep my look current. This sweater is an example. Affordable, cosy, well-made, but not with a designer price tag because let’s be honest: will this be in fashion in ten years? No.

A grey suede bag and black horse-bit loafers on the other hand? Timeless.

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