Business Cards…Because I Can

Pretty Shiny Sparkly is not a business. It does not sell a product. It does not (yet) go to fancy blogger conferences or meetups. Yet. So why…WHY was I compelled to mock up (and end up purchasing) the official Pretty Shiny Sparkly business card?
It may or may not have been influenced by Overnight Prints‘ 500 one-sided premium cards for free (just pay shipping) coupon code: HM500. (You’re welcome!) I ended up paying only $11.56 for my order.

Will post actual pics when I receive them!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly Business Card

If you want a business card designed for your Etsy shop or small business, I am happy to send you a quick (very affordable) quote. I’d like to see what interest I can generate in my services – who knows, I may make it a regular thing! Leave a comment letting me know what you think of my business card’s design, and also if you’re interested in a pretty card design for yourself!

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