California Photo Diary

My mini-vacation to California with my family can best be described with all the Instagram images I took. (Instagram is a photo-sharing app for iPhones.) Above: playing “Where in the world is PSS?” with my Twitter followers.

Above: I tweeted the answer to the where’s PSS question with a picture.

Plane rides are so much more entertaining when you have family by your side (instead of stinky strangers).

Mulholland Drive.

Above 2 photos: My aunt’s place boast gorgeous foliage, views, and astounding bougainvilleas.

Peach tree in my aunt’s front yard. Oh how I wish I could grow things like this in Texas!

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  • Beautiful! Makes me miss LA so much. But I live in Texas now too. Not the same but I'm always grateful that I grew up here (in TX).

  • Lovely pics! The one of the pond is my favorite. California is such a beautiful place.

    ♥ Gina Michele


  • I'm a Texas girl spending the summer in LA and it is just beautiful, although I miss Texas too… and Texas peaches.


  • it looks great.
    I'd like to go there sometime

  • Very jealous, I really wish I was in California right now – my California 2011 playlist really is just not cutting it!

  • looks like such a fun trip!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Gorgeous photos! Just wondering what kind of camera you used? πŸ™‚

  • I am so impressed with your photography skills and instagram is really cool! I love the vintage look of these photos!

  • Looks fun!

  • Fun photos! Looks like a great time was had!!

  • Looks like you had a lovely trip! These are great instagram pictures! Would love to see your shopping haul from the trip! I'm sure you found some great items. πŸ˜€

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  • Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Definitely making me want to visit California!

  • Looks so great πŸ™‚ Awesome photos!


    Fashion Fractions

  • p.s. love the new header πŸ™‚

  • The last time I was in California it was two years back. Would love to visit again. πŸ™‚

  • Hope you enjoyed your vacation, I went to NYC but next time I have to try Cali, it looks beautiful.

  • Looks like you had a super fab little trip. I'm with you on the plant thing – every year I get inspired and plot grand ideas of peonies and hydrangea and peaches (oh my!) and then the first 100+ degree day hits…in May, and all those plans go out the window. Agave? Yeah, that will have to do.

  • Ooo i love the polaroid effect of the iphone camera =)

  • Love your photo journal, Instagram pics are fantastic! P.S. the sparkly new header is so much fun.

  • Let me just start with saying how pretty you are!! Also I miss California, I haven't been there in years! You've inspired me to plan a vacation there πŸ™‚

  • Looks like you had a great time πŸ™‚ cute pictures…

  • I'm Instagram obsessed! Love the game with your Twitter followers. So creative!

    <a> An American Girl (Someday) in Paris

    <a>Someday in Paris Tumblr

  • Mar

    Oh my, your pictures are great, I love the vintage feel to them! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and have fun! -Mar

  • California Photo Diary My mini-vacation to California with my family can best be described with all the Instagram im …

  • Ahh, California sun… can you send some over to rainy London?! Great pics πŸ™‚

  • i like this app..makes the photos look vintage-y..:)

  • Hey there, I just discovered your site and I love it. Keep posting!

  • Seeing pics of California always makes me homesick. It is so hard not to live in a place with a beach within driving distance. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the Instagram tints! I hadn't heard of the app before and immediately installed and used it for a post! Thanks.

  • Glad you were able to make it to sunny CA! This is my home and I love it so much. I see that you went to Santa Monica – one of my favorite places to be! πŸ™‚

  • I definitely love this instagram thing! I just downloaded it to my iphone!

  • good place and beautiful smiling πŸ™‚
    thanks for sharing!