Camptown Races + New Whooga Boots

Whooga boots, thrifted Paige Premium Denim jeggings, Target top and leather belt, Mulberry for Target bag

These are the last shots taken at my old home – goodbye townhouse, and good riddance! We are still unpacking box after box in our new apartment in a fabulous high-rise with great views of the city, and we are loving it. We cannot wait to get all this — pardon my french — crap sorted and organized! Pronto!!

Meanwhile, I’m still on OB/GYN trying to find time to study for surgery cases while poor [houston] is left to fend for himself tackling the enormous cardboard mountain in our new place. I did buy a new desk (finally! that school-cafeteria table had to go!) from West Elm that’s all white and oh-so-purdy (see my previous post). West Elm even tweeted me to say they loved it! How sweet. 🙂 Thanks guys! By the way, Tieka of Selective Potential included [houston] and I in her latest installment of Guy Behind the Camera…go check it out!

These boots by Whooga were sent to me and are amazingly comfortable. I love the metallic burnished gold color, too, it’s so unexpected for an Ugg boot! Which, by the way, I learned on Whooga’s website (spending far more time than I should have) Ugg boots are a style of boot, not a brand — the Ugg brand we all know and love (or love to hate) just kinda took the style name and ran with it. Anyway, do check out Whooga – they’re a fabulous little New Zealand company and they make really good quality boots. The soles are so much thicker than those other boots.

P.S….do you like my Mulberry for Target bag?!

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  1. 10.26.2010 / 12:13 am

    I love the Mulberry for Target bag. I have been thinking about getting the plunge but have been wavering. Your whole ensamble is adorable. Hope you get moved and settled fast!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. 10.26.2010 / 12:39 am

    love the purse!! gosh it looks like a really luxurious one from like MK or something =) i got one recently from Forever 21 that has a big heart on it and a zipper that says "Love". Unfortunately, I am one of those who "loves to hate" Uggs but I won't say it very often out loud. =P Congrats to you and HB for getting featured on Selective Potential!!

  3. 10.26.2010 / 7:10 am

    Oh my gosh, where do I start commenting on this post. First of all, I too am strangely into Plaid workshirts, need one bad, going for red I think, maybe in Flannel…
    I hate you, hate you, hate you for getting that Mulberry bag. What time did you stay up until to claim that little beauty…I tried but ..SOLD OUT!

    I had so much fun sneaking a peek at HB…It's nice to see the genius who gets such great pictures of you..

    I am putting up my next outfit post this week maybe today..check it out, I'll be in a wig…HAHAHAHA

    Take care, you are awesome, hope you are happy in your new apartment

  4. 10.26.2010 / 10:54 pm

    UGH, I LOVE your bag!! I wish my target had the Mulberry line!

  5. 10.27.2010 / 8:50 am

    I absolutely love that bag!! I have been eyeing it for a while!
    Congrats on the new place, what part of town did you guys decide on??


    PS–Congrats on 500 followers too! AMAZING!

  6. 10.27.2010 / 9:41 pm

    So glad I came across your blog! I am looking for some cute, inexpensive & comfy booties for Fall. I'm having a hard time finding something trendy AND comfortable. Have you had any luck finding a great pair for Fall?
    Thanks!! Lindsey!

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