Castle on a Cloud

I feel like giving myself a litlle pat on the back. Outfit post, yay! It feels like forever since [houston] and I have been able to go out and shoot my outfit of the day. And it feels like forever since I’ve thrown on this blouse that I designed under my Glitterati by Pretty Shiny Sparkly label. I always find it best when wearing something billowy up top, to pair it with something form-fitting on the bottom, so I threw on my black toothpick jeans and my now trusty little urban outfitters boots. I grabbed my glorious new Chanel and we were out the door to deliver a family member a homemade coconut cream pie (their favorite) after they got home from surgery. Everybody wins!

My, how my hair has had a transition in the last 2 months. First went from this to this, then to this. I needed a baby step, okay?