Chambray, Shades & Studs

jeffrey campbell tick wedges in nude, chambray dress by bdg, fossil sunglasses, forever 21 earrings & belt, tennis bracelet from qvc, gifted watch, bracelet, & necklace

I’ve figured it out. When they say you’ve been bit by the fashion bug, it’s because you have been bitten by the Jeffrey Campbell Tick wedge. First the amazing ZiGi boots, now these? I am in shoe heaven, I tell you. Funny thing is, I see the Ticks on fellow fashionistas in every other color under the sun, but as far as I know this is the first time among my peers that the new version in Nude has been photographed for an outfit post.

I am in love with chambray right now. Yes, I am a little late to the party. But isn’t that called fashionably late?

I tend to wait out trends for a little while to see if they’re flash-in-the-pan (and thus a waste of money, hype, and time). Take notes: studs, nude/blush toned shoes, and chambray (or any denim in addition to jeans) are here to stay. And it’s easy to see why there’s so much love for nude (or any fleshtone) colored shoes – they really elongate the legs (and boy do my pasty sticks need every inch!).

Chambray is so effortlessly breezy – it’s just as easy to picture oneself in chambray strutting down Fifth Avenue as it is Aisle Five at the supermarket.

I snagged my Fossil shades back from HB for this outfit – the sun was setting and it was the perfect excuse to add a little more silver to my outfit. These shades were originally mine (let it be known) but [houston] liked them so much that I just had to let him keep them for himself. But that doesn’t stop me from joking about the “eventual” day that I will take them back. (I won’t.)

Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedges in Nude

I’m so pleased, flattered, and proud to be selected for today’s Weardrobe Blogger Spotlight. Thanks so much, Weardrobe!

I also had a stroke of luck and out of 616 entries, was the sole winner of a 1930’s vintage diamond stacking band on one of my favorite inspiration (design/fashion) blogs, This Is Glamorous. It makes my entirely wasted holiday weekend (spent studying, indoors, by the oh-so-flattering glow of fluorescence and screen) so much more worthwhile (fashion karma for being a good girl?). What a welcome dose of glamour!