Chanel Classic Flap Review

I am absolutely obsessed with my dream bag–and I literally cannot believe it is finally in my hands. Since I was in college, I have lusted after the Chanel Classic Flap bag. I’ve always been a little 13-going-on-30 (also known as older than my age), preferring to wear pearls and lipstick when peers were wearing Soffes and scrunchies. There has never really been a question about size for my first (ahem) Classic Flap: Jumbo. You know how big my purses are. Five feet and change doesn’t deter this gal from big, honkin’ bags. I need to carry my iPad mini, phone, wallet, a few makeup essentials, and pen in my bag and believe it or not, the Jumbo fits it all (see the video below).

Since marriage is a two-way highway of communication, I wanted to get my hubby’s permission to make such an extravagant purchase. After I beat him into submission he agreed, I saved up money, sold a few bags I didn’t love as much, and voila! I found the bag destined to be mine from a high-end consignment site called Yoogi’s Closet. They’re a reputable retailer of authentic pre-owned luxury.

I enjoyed the experience, and recommend them to anyone–they’re authenticity experts, and they really know how to showcase a designer product. I do wish they gave free expedited shipping, considering I spent thousands! I saved $500 off the current regular retail price of this bag, and didn’t have to pay tax (saving me over $900 total). And this bag has barely been used, and it’s a 2012 model.

Click above to watch the video of my review, and a surprise little What’s In My Bag somewhere in the middle. (If you like my YouTube videos, feel free to subscribe so they’ll show up in your home feed on YouTube.com!) I know Chanel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so please keep that in mind if you aren’t a fan, and also know that I’m not intending to offend, brag, boast, or otherwise “show off”–I’m simply one happy girl squealing to her friend (that’s you) about her latest purchase. Capiche?

I did make sure to get my bag authenticated with the experts in the Purse Forum immediately after snatching up the bag (I could return it as long as the Yoogi’s Closet tag was attached). No surprise here, it’s authentic, and I keep my Chanel authenticity card with the bag at all times, in case I stop by a Chanel boutique and need it serviced.

All in all, even though this is the most extravagant purchase I’ve ever made, I couldn’t be more satisfied. No regrets. I also enjoy regaining the closet space from selling unused or not-quite-as-coveted bags; and it makes sense to me, but it might be different for others. Would you rather have your one dream bag, or loads of non-dream-but-still-high-end bags?

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