Since we moved into our new house I’ve been doing a whole lot of dreaming, and not a whole lot of doing. Blaming it on my crazy schedule is easy, but I’ve come to realize it’s kind of a blessing, because it forces me to really plan out the interior design of our house, and not rush into buying everything too soon.

Very many of you brought up (wisely, I might add) in comments to me that decorating a house should be a slow and enjoyable process–and I think I’ve seen the light.

Also adding a little light to my life is my longtime goal of decorating with chevron–not everywhere, mind you–I plan on adding a black and white runner in my kitchen between the counters, and possibly a muted chevron rug in the living room. I absolutely adore the print, and while I cannot add it to every room of my house, I certainly don’t see the harm in investing in a few amazing fashionable pieces, like this sequined version!