Circle Circle Dot Dot

It’s weekends like these I wish I had two of me – the style blogger who loves networking and meeting new like-minded faces, and the medical student on pediatrics. Then, I could do both without sacrificing one or the other. And, let’s be real, my $30,000-per-year debt accrual on student loans trumps style blog pretty much 9 times out of 10. (Don’t get me wrong, I love you, but my student loan invoices have the uncanny ability of inducing racing heartbeat, breathlessness, and a general sense of panic.)

Last weekend was a whirlwind – on Saturday after work [houston] and I drove to Austin, as you know, for the Texas Style Council. I wished I could have participated in more of the weekend’s events, but I was super grateful to be able to join in on the fun Sunday. You saw the pics and the video, but I figured a proper outfit post was in order. And I had my trusty photographer on hand!

The funny thing about this outfit is…it was a backup. I had my entire outfit planned, laid out on my bed at home, and that was where it unfortunately remained as I sped out of the Houston city limits towards the state capitol. To say I was upset about forgetting my conference outfit at home would be an understatement. But, I think it turned out rather well, in the end. It was comfortable and polka dots are like a jolt of happy pills.

Clearly I was making up for my lack of a necklace (since it too was laying on my bed at home) by compensating with a plethora of rings. I cannot list them all here, but my favorites are my dragon (nicknamed “Dragor” by [houston]) and snake rings from modcloth (see links in outfit credits above).

Overall the short time I was able to be at the conference was super fun, and I loved inducting HB into the madness of the fashion blog world. He learned a lot and a not insignificant part of that was realizing that what we do is not alien or unique to ourselves – that others have significant others who take their outfit shots, that we can do it and have real lives, that we walk around with big SLRs hanging from our necks taking pictures of our food and our clothes…in essence, that this is not completely insane, or if it is, then we are in good company.

For Japan With Love

Please note, there will not be a post Friday as I will be participating in For Japan With Love, a bloggers’ day of silence. Find out more information here and don’t forget to donate.

There will also not be a post Thursday because it is Match Day, the day when HB opens an envelope and finds out where he will be spending the next 5 years training to be an orthopedic surgeon. Needless to say we are a little bit nervous, and a lot excited.