Closet Overhaul, Mani, & Makeup

I had always known that before the New Year, I would do a major closet overhaul. Becoming a fashion blogger has its perks, but finding room for the myriad apparel, shoes, & accessories I collect for my teeny tiny closet isn’t one of them. I also knew what would be involved (major clothing organization, donation of items to charity, and reorganization). I just didn’t know when I would bite the bullet.

On a whim, I just began to throw clothes out of my closet–it was 2:28pm on Tuesday. At 6:30, I was nearly finished. Two large sacks of clothing, and one large bag of shoes sit by my door waiting to be donated. Rows of shoes still sit outside my closet waiting for more shoe organization (a future Target trip).

But the best part is: I can finally open & close my closet door. Yay!

Here’s what my room looked like in the thick of it:

Yikes. I banned [houston] from entering my room until everything was complete.

Going through my clothing piece by piece really jumpstarted my noggin’–I’m totally inspired to create some new ensembles I never would have thought of before this closet overhaul! And I’m thinking of reopening Shop My Closet, and selling some new or gently used items, as well as vintage pieces (like the beautiful pink beaded number above). I have a bunch of Jeffrey Campbell, Miu Miu, and other items I’m interested in offloading for great prices. Would you be interested?

Also went in for a fresh CND Shellac manicure–this time getting two coats of “Gotcha”, a warm & comfy pink (self-described), with a coat of sparkly “Mother of Pearl” over it for fun. There’s quite a stir in the comments of my last Shellac post – people (mostly nail professsionals) are going nutso in the comment section! Check it out

Above is the more true-to-life color of Gotcha…leave it to my iPhone 4S to get the more accurate color representation…

And I’ve been playing around with makeup–usually at odd hours (like 8 o’clock at night…) and I have no idea why. I’ve always wanted to create gorgeous makeup tutorials on YouTube (like my favorite gurus – this one’s a new personal fave) but never actually have taken the plunge. Are you as addicted to YouTube tutorials as I am?