Color Me Wonderful, Part 1

Last week I was contacted about this awesome, awesome promotion that a major, pretty–well, awesome–brand is doing, and after hearing all about it, and the sweet treats my readers will get as a result, I couldn’t say no.*

But first things first: on August 15th, an Australian indie pop band called Strange Talk is releasing a new music video on YouTube. The big deal? You can click and shop on things from the video. This technology blows my mind–it is going to change the face of videoblogging forever. No more providing links in the sidebar–as you will see with this music video’s launch, it will be point, click, and shop! The best part is, you’ll get them for free while supplies last.

I’ll be sure to post about the video some more and let you know when to check it out to win this free stuff. Or, you can RSVP for the music video’s launch at facebook.com/strangetalkmusic. But the best part is, I’ve got a whole set of these treats:

…For you! Why yes, that is a spiffy iPod Nano…and a pair of brand-new Ray-Ban Wayfarers…and a gorgeous tribal print scarf, neon pink tights (so fun!!), and pretty pink tee. And just how fun are these striped socks?! I’m already dreaming up fun ways to use these items to inject color into my outfits.

So as part of this fun and exciting opportunity, keep an eye out for these posts, which I’ve nicknamed “Color Me Wonderful” so you’ll be able to easily pick them out when they show up. Next up I’ll be giving away one very fabulous item to a lucky reader, so stay tuned! Giveaways are few and far between on Pretty Shiny Sparkly – because when I do them, I like to go all-out! And a spiffy pair of Ray-Bans or an iPod Nano is pretty luxe, is it not?

*As a professional blogger, I was compensated for this collaboration. Do you work for free? Heck no! Read more about my policies below ↓