Country Club

Well this was so, so much fun! From learning how to tie a tie to rummaging through my boyfriend’s closet for the perfect tie, to deciding on a crisp pink blazer (last seen here) and brown knee boots for that equestrian flair…I really loved getting lost in this look. Now, would I wear this every day? Heck no. I live in a metropolitan Dirty South city. I’d probably get shot. But it was so much fun to explore and find out that it was doable. What about you? Are you having any issues pulling your look together? How excited are you??

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  • Your look is great, you wear it well 🙂 the tie is great! I took my pics for the challenge today, it was so much fun! My post will be up tomorrow

  • Love, love those boots! You could kick any prep school boy's behind in that outfit!

  • You look AWESOME!!! Love the tie you chose.

  • You look great! Love the touches like the sparkly nails and bright lipstick to keep it feminine. PRETTY!

  • Love your take on it! I also happen to be wearing my prep school ensemble today, so I'll be linking up to it tomorrow! I agree–wouldn't wear it every day but love the change of pace! (I've already been told I look like Clark Kent…I've decided that's a compliment) 😉

  • First of all, you look tremendous and I am so glad that you invented this style challenge because I have the PERFECT outfit for it. I've actually worn it several times before (before I was a blogger and didn't take pics, boo), so what a perfect way to introduce it! This will be my first Bloggers Do It Better Challenge and I am super stoked! I love how you went all equestrian. Very well done. Hooray!

  • Beautifully done!

  • The lighting in your photos in this post look particularly amazing!!!!! Especially that first photo.

  • You pull off that preppy look perfectly. The tie on you couldn't be more cute and I love the candy color of your lips!

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    much love.

  • You look SO CUTE; love the pink blazer!! You could be in a Polo Ralph Lauren ad with this look.

    I must admit this challenge stumped me a bit because prep is SO out of my element and style interest, but I'm pretty pleases with what I came up with and will be publishing my post tomorrow. 🙂

  • Those boots are divine. I would come over and get them but I am quite sure that tiny little you does not wear a 8.5! They give your preppy kind of a bada** look…really fun with the pink blazer too! Your makeup is just perfect…do you get it done for your shoots? Can't believe you are working 14 hour days and creating content this great. Thanks for the fun.

  • MG

    I la la love your chrome nails!

  • love it!! It's so wearable!

  • The whole outfit is poppin and very casual i love it… I love the picture with you imitating a guy with your hands together and closing the jacket…dope …

  • LOOOOVE those boots! Very country club chic!! I am so jealous you had good lighting for your pictures – it was raining cats & dogs when I took mine. 🙁

  • I wish my hair made a big ole bun like that! Or that I could wear pastels as well as you do…

  • I love this whole look and you pull it off really well….it has a beautiful feminine feel to it!

  • Love this – love how you've used the boyfriends tie.

    C x

  • Fierce! I like the look on you. I especially like the blazer; is it pink or beige? I've been very excited about this challenge and got together everything needed. I even tried the outfit on today and it looks like it'll do.

  • Whoa, lady! This looks so powerful and yet feminine at the same time! lovin' the blazer.

  • This is great! I almost went with something similar, but then decided to go w/ a cardigan instead of blazer. But I’m always a sucker for the equestrian look, and you style it so well!

  • I feel like a teenager but I'm saying it anyway: OMG I looooove this look!!

  • I am a true preppy girl at heart..well..I am a true many things at heart. But I hold Ivy League chic near and dear. Absolutely love your feminine take on the whole look. In fact, dear I say, I love the Great Gatsby edge! Your pink blazer is amazing and the tie adds the perfect masculine touch and pop of color. Just perfection!

  • PrettyShinySparkly> Country Club: Well this was so, so much fun! From learning how to tie a tie to ru… (#fashion)

  • Oooo love the style!! I almost went with boots too but changed to something else … which you will see Friday 😉

  • oh my god this looks absolutely amazing! i love the first photo. i was also thinking about a bun and red lips! (but mine is really red and yours is pinkish and awesome)

  • Wow, I love this look! I really like the equestrian vibe thanks to those great boots.

    This has been a hectic week for me, so I think I'm going to have to pass on the BDIB this week… sad. Hopefully I can take part in the next one after that. I'm looking forward to the link ups though!

  • That is so country club. Fabulous look.


  • You look stunning, and I love how crisp it all looks. -xo

  • ooh this is fierce! love it! i found your blog in the houston bloggers group on 20 sumn bloggers 🙂
    pls check out mine too..xx

  • […] this week’s BDIB challenge was to do prep school style …. to be honest, this isn’t exactly a fashion style […]

  • Tracy K

    Hey bff,

    I just had to stop by to tell you I love this…can you teach me to do my hair like this!! You look great!

  • MJ

    You rocked this outfit!! Can't wait to take my photos tonight so I can link up tomorrow!

  • You totally pulled this look off! I took my shots this evening, not how I hoped they'd turn out, but they'll do. I'm joining in for the first time. Its a fun one!

  • Such great style. I love it!

  • I have a question. Where do I post the picture? I'm new to this and i don't see that part anywhere.

  • You look so good in your country club look! You nailed it. I love it. Great Job, Boss! lol.

  • Very cool overall look. Love your tie selection. The hair is perfect too.
    I am just posting mine as I wore the outfit today. I wish I had seen your tie tutorial earlier as I had heck of a time with that this morning and my hubby had already left for work so had no help.

    Was not that hard for me since I had thrifted a plaid tie last season I have been putting together fun outfits to wear with it.


  • The boots and jeans looks great, I think you can wear that regularly – I don't think I have worn a tie since my school uniform not sure I could wear one now. But would like to give the look a go, would probably have to watch your video of how to tie a tie.

  • Very cool outfit! I think you might be missing a horse though 😉
    Love the tie!

  • OMG love! You have such a fabulous bun! I wanted to participate in this so badly because I'm a big fan of women wearing menswear inspired pieces. Can't wait to see all the looks 🙂

  • You look great!!!! I love this look head to toe! You look like you belong in a Ralph Lauren fashion editorial.

  • You did an amazing job with this. I love the country vibe you added!

  • loving the look. especially those boots.

  • LOVE this!! You are SO stylish!

  • Really great rendition of mens wear. Simply put together.

    With love,

  • I absolutely love this look, the peach colored blazer has been on my wish list for sometime now!

    Please visit my blog to enter my Dr. Perricone give away! only one week left!

    Empress <3

  • Love that tie! It's striking and adds the perfect amount of funk to the prep school look to keep it hip!!

  • This outfit is just perfect, I love everything about it, from the boots to the top knot.
    It brings a jealous tear to my eye!!!!;)

    Sadie x

  • The Country Look.

    Very well worn outfit. The well knotted tie looks terrific. Ladies wearing ties are such an appealing look.


  • Wow! This is brilliant cowgirl + chic = gorgeous style. Love it!