There’s just something about this weather that makes me want to snuggle in big, oversized cable knits, throw on some boots, sling a slouchy bag or cross body over my shoulder, and enjoy the environment.

Growing up in Houston where hot and humid is the norm, I became accustomed to the desire to stay indoors as much as possible. In a place where throwing open your door is like opening the gates to a sauna and breathing liquid air, I have to say that the weather in North Carolina has been a refreshing change. True, it can be very, very hot during the summer, but it isn’t stifling. At least, not when compared to the ring of fire that is Houston, Texas.

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This Chanel deauville tote from last year is a complete favorite for me this year – it’s been so versatile as a work bag, beach tote, and travel bag. I’m taking this bag with me to Houston on a surprise trip (which HB had no idea about) over the Christmas holiday weekend. I know it will serve me well!

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