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When it comes to Spring cleaning, I actually totally dread it–but after I’m done, I’m so glad I forced myself to endure through the odious task of chucking out the old to make way for tidiness. I have a horrible habit of accruing things and never putting them away in their proper place. To get myself motivated each year, I begin with my bedside table. What you didn’t see was that before these shots were taken, I had amassed a total of 12 hardback books, in two stacks, with their spines facing outward–a constant reminder of what I had planned to start but couldn’t quite get to.

Now, those books are relocated, ready to be delved into whenever I feel like it. I’m also starting my “5 Minute Journal“, which promises to make you feel happier and more optimistic each day you use it (a few minutes in the morning, and a few minutes in the evening). This journal is designed to be on your bedside table, and I think it looks so chic (the cover is actually clothbound!). 

I always have a pair of glasses, my more “frequently accessed” jewelry (sorted into two jewelry catchalls), as well as a cute little fox/dog/animal thing whose tail is designed to hold rings. 

One of my favorite features on the table–nope, it’s definitely not the alarm clock!–is my TwelveSouth iPhone stand. It has virtually negated my need for the old, dated Philips alarm clock you see in the background of these photos. In fact, writing this, I’m motivated to get rid of it completely. I only use it to glance at the time when I’m half asleep–something that can be easily accomplished from my iPhone (which is my true alarm clock anyway). Simplify!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the current state of my bedside table. I will be doing a lot more of these “currently:” type posts and instagram photos just to let you in on a peek of my daily life. For more on my daily life, check out my vlogs!

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  1. Chris
    03.16.2015 / 2:12 pm

    I feel that pain of letting things pile up more than a bit! Organization is not my strong suit!

  2. Nicole
    03.16.2015 / 3:47 pm

    Love this style of posts. I like your catch all dishes – so pretty!

  3. Debbie
    03.16.2015 / 6:33 pm

    Love all you’re posts. I have a small agenda from about 10 yrs ago. My question would be where do you find refills for it. Not paying 75 bucks for LV. BTW you’re hair looks good pulled up from you’re face. Very pretty face. Wish you would post more frequently but I know you’re very busy.

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