deceptively sweet

Dang. I totally forgot about this outfit – I wore this on our road trip to Lake Charles for our escapade at L’Auberge du Lac, and totally forgot to post it! Derrr.

I really love unexpected things, and by that I mean like breaking the mold or being exactly NOT the thing people expected you to be.

For example, I’m a beauty-loving girly-girl blonde who knows everything there is to know about cars (love them), is obsessed with technology (especially cell phones, and have been since the age of the Motorola flip phone–Startac, anyone?), and can hand-code CSS and PHP with the best of the geeks out there.

This sweater from Jem Apparel has the same concept. First impression is it seems so soft and cuddly (well…it is), but it has a hint of now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t sheerness with its loosely woven design, and then BAM there’s the kicker: devilish pointed shoulders. It makes me feel so Gaga!

Clearly, I have gotten my money’s worth with these jeans. (As evidenced by Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and now this post.) I promise to venture out wearing something other than these jeans soon.

A note about these, if you are wanting to buy them: they run looooong. See these? These are a petite (short) size. See how I am wearing heels in every post? I like the 70’s look of hidden shoes with these trouser style pants, so I wear heels that are just high enough so the hem barely skims the floor. Even though these are a short size, I cannot wear flats in them. So please keep that in mind if you are short like me, (I’m 5’2″) that you will still need to wear heels in them. Which is great I think because most of us shorties wear heels anyway. But if you normally buy a Long, you may want to consider buying them in Regular (try them on at the store).

I won this Ban.Do headband for some sort of twitterverse competition like a year ago, but never wore it. Why, I have no idea! I guess now that the 70’s style is coming back in full force, I feel more comfortable embracing my inner flower child? Oh who am I kidding. It’s because I knew I couldn’t pull it off as sweetly as Taylor Swift did.

P.S. – I changed the layout a little (changed to 1 sidebar instead of 2) to clean this place up a little. Now, if only I could have as much enthusiasm for cleaning up my apartment. Le sigh.