Desaturated – MNG by MANGO

The air is hummin’…

I can tell it’s fall here in Texas not because the temperatures become cooler (they don’t), nor because the leaves change colors (they don’t–they’ve been dead all summer due to the drought). I can tell because the light fades sooner, and I get that pit in my stomach when I’m planning on taking pictures of my daily outfit and I notice the sun has dipped below the trees and it is not even 7pm yet. Ah, Fall. You are bittersweet, but my favorite season of all.

A casual outfit, minimalist, light on the accessories; nothing special. Special indeed, however, was the text message from [houston] asking me out on a dinner & movie date that night. We didn’t end up making it to the movies, we had too much fun enjoying great wine and the most amazing lasagna I’ve ever had (and I have the lasagna at every new Italian place we ever try).

Fellow Texans may be wondering why I’m wearing a coat in this late-summer weather. We thought we were going to the movies, okay?


Fine. I just liked it with the outfit. The fact that I was counting on it being an icebox in the movie theater was just the icing on the cake.

P.S. website update news below, don’t miss it…

Blog News

  1. RSS feeds now show the whole post in the feed reader. I cannot guarantee I will keep it this way, because I’m a firm believer that the blog design is a part of the reading experience, but so many of you asked for it in the reader survey and I’m seeing how it goes.
  2. Spiffy new custom-designed labor-of-love archives page. Complete with new browse outfits by thumbnail, and what I lovingly call The Motherload. Enjoy. (P.S. I know there’s still not a good way to browse by all the categories…I’ll figure it out eventually!)
  3. Bloggers Do It Better has a twitter. And a new challenge.
  4. Speedy, much? Do you notice faster loading times for PSS? I sure hope so (let me know if you don’t). I gave the internet devil hours of my life and many a gnashed-teeth trying to optimize every. single. bit. of PSS loveliness. We’ll see if he holds up his end of the deal.
  5. What else? I forget.