Design In Mind

I‘m not going to lie to you: blogging has been extremely difficult to fit in these past few months. As most of you already know, I already had a lot of things on my proverbial plate what with medical school & blogging, but when you add a wedding that is (yay!) only one month away, and the fact that we may have just stumbled upon our dream house (which, if you remember, we swore off looking for just last week)…well, it gets a bit messy.

One of my ways to de-stress is to dream–dreaming big. A lifelong dream of mine, albeit small, has been to design and decorate my very own home. With that reality tantalizingly so close I can almost touch it, I spent some rare downtime yesterday culling items from my home inspiration board and dreamed up two fantasy rooms: a dining room and a living room.

Coming from someone who is more likely to shop at Ikea than Restoration Hardware, it is admittedly difficult to define one’s sense of interior style. Perhaps even more difficult than defining one’s personal style. But when I close my eyes, I always imagine the same concepts: the pairing of opposites. I love the idea of cool chrome accents sitting on gnarled, reclaimed wood furniture. Or a high, modern chandelier being paired with a vintage, exotic sideboard. Amazingly, this love of pairing opposites also manifested itself in our wedding theme (rustic glamour), and it is clear that I cannot be stopped.

For now, these dream designs are simply that: a dream. But hopefully, one day, with a lot of patience and hard work, we can make them into a reality.

Let’s just hope [houston] likes it. 😉

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