Diary of a Bag


Most of you may have recognized me from various posts around here on PSS, but I thought I would properly introduce myself. My name is Boots, and I am a Saddleback Leather medium satchel in chestnut, proudly owned (though I scoff at the term) by miss Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

Recently I had the pleasure of accompanying her on a trip to the arctic circle otherwise known as Norway. I served dutifully as her carry-on bag. While I did not enjoy her attempts at stuffing everything she owned into my small but capable compartment (especially that darned digital SLR camera!), I like to think I did her proud.

Above is little ole me posing with this silly, stupid little white fur puff she thought to attach to me right before our journey. As if anyone could ever mistake me for someone else’s! I’m one of a kind. Duh.

Anyway, as you can probably deduce, we are in Popeye’s at the Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport, waiting to board.

She eats classy like that.

Stupid puff. Eh, it grew on me throughout our travels. Now, I kinda like him there.

He provides good conversation.

Here I have arrived at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

Kristina did a little Duty Free shopping and wore me as a crossbody while she looked at Norwegian chocolates, wine, perfume, and makeup. She didn’t buy anything. I don’t think I could have carried it for her!

Damn, look at me. I’m hot and sexy even on the conveyor belt at baggage claim.

My leather was stiff and unforgiving at the beginning of the trip (I’m named after my origins: boot leather) but I’ve slowly but surely softened up.

Here I am posing under the real Christmas tree that HB and Kristina’s dad cut from her cousin’s (2nd cousin once removed) front yard. Cousin’s words were “be my guest”.

Christmas trees are like weeds here.

Aren’t I the perfect little size? I’m called the iPad Medium satchel because iPads fit perfectly, but so will a Kindle, magazines, a book, sunglasses, lipstick, and Evian spray (see here)! Not that I use any of that, of course. I’m a bag. A sexy leather bag.

I make this Christmas tree look gooooooood. Just sayin’. Oh, and you can ignore HB there in the background. He’s just for decoration.

I made it into another outfit post (see my debut here). I look pretty chic and on-trend if I do say so myself (please ignore the girl who forgot to secure my strap). Of course, the leopard print and autumn beige scarf don’t hurt either. Look at all my little wear-and-tear scratches – aren’t they great? They give me character, I think. Like men and wine, I just get better with age.

But I’m still a greenhorn in Saddleback years. I’ve got a 100 year warranty! We  are generally passed down from generation to generation. Let’s hope Kristina has a girl she can pass me on to, because I have a feeling I’ll be treated better.

But let’s focus on the more important aspect of this photo:


Ah, I’m glorious. Sorry I didn’t know you were going to take a picture, or I would have buckled myself up or something. Hope you don’t mind.

P.S. – did I mention Norway is cold? It was like -18C in the above shot. Still, not even a goosebump outta me! I’m tough. Yeah.

After days of frolicking in the snow and in the shops, it was finally time for me to head back to sunny grey warm muggy Houston. Home sweet home, here I come! In the meantime, I’m going to just plug in my earphones and watch a couple of movies (or four, since this particular flight is 9 hours long, and the next one is 3.5!) on the in-flight entertainment system. Ta-ta.

Oh? You wanted to look at me some more? Okay. Notice how soft and crinkly my strap has gotten?


I really enjoyed introducing myself to y’all. I felt it was finally time I made myself heard. I only had to stomp on a few of Kristina’s toes to get here, so I hope you enjoyed. I’ll check back later sometime, maybe on another journey, or I’ll see you around in an outfit or two.

Ciao. Or as they say in Norwegian, Ha det bra!

Disclaimer: Saddleback Leather generously provided the lovable Boots for the Norwegian journey and beyond. Check out their amazing selection of satchels & totes! Visit →