Double Rainbow

I have an unhealthy habit these days of declaring anything that comes in pairs or is doubled-up to be “double rainbow”*. Enter: my foray into double denim. Judging by its softness, this chambray Madewell shirt may just become my favorite shirt ever and earn its self-appointed title. And these wide-leg trouser jeans by the revamped Gap jeans line have reinvigorated my interest in the brand–which is saying a lot since I haven’t bought a pair of Gap jeans since I was a tween and American Eagle had not yet entered my vocabulary.

*I am pretty sure by now that no link to this phenomenon is necessary. So there. Google it, if you must.

My first-ever trench and could you be any less surprised that of course it would have a girly spin on it? This one boasts a full, flouncy skirt. It almost feels like a dress. And it’s super soft, like a cloud.

If I were one of those girls who told you more than you wanted to know, I’d tell you that lately I’ve been using every excuse to throw it over a pillow on the couch while watching TV to lay my cheek on its smoothness. You know, um, in case it rains. In my house. While I’m watching TV. Duh.

Tragically, as is the case with most of my limbs, the sleeves are a tad too long on me. Off it will (eventually) go to the tailor.

P.S. – if you guessed Black Pearl, you guessed right!

Some of you longtime readers may recognize this $9 necklace from here, here, or perhaps even here (if you’re really old–er, loyal).

Check it–that sparkle on the above photo is totally, 100% real. I had to include it, even though my face was all wonky, which may-or-may-not have been due to the fact that I was flapping my jaw about some thing or another….no harm done, I just cropped the awkwardness out.

If only I could do that in real life.

My spring break week of doing-nothing-and-loving-it is coming to an end. I will miss it greatly. Have yourselves a great weekend, folks!