H&M top, Forever 21 skirt, American Apparel petticoat, Merona black tights, Colin Stewart booties via Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21 rings & pendants (heart & antique)

Anyone who has read my blog knows I love girly. I love flouncy, fluffy, ruffly, silky touches in all their feminine glory. Could this outfit be any more the embodiment of this? I love it!!

I was getting dressed for a fun evening out, and I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate my new American Apparel petticoat (bought at the AA outlet store on Venice Beach for 50% off!) without looking…well, ridiculous.

So I paired it with my new silky, swingy skirt from Forever 21 and kept with the neutral theme by adding my drapey top (from H&M) with sparkly stud detail.

To bring in the wide black waistband, I kept the legs black on black with tights and black booties. All finished off with a messy fishtail braid, long necklaces, and my usual plethora of rings. I was ready to roll!

Photos shot by HB, edited by moi. Thanks darling!!

For the first time in years, I busted out my fancy Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L lens.

Anyone who knows anything about photography and Canon knows that L lenses are the absolute best lenses in the world.

The glass, minimal distortion, “bokeh” (that’s the blurring that happens behind anything that isn’t in focus) and color are unsurpassable in perfection. So why has it taken me so long to dust off my one and only L lens for outfit posts? I have no idea.

It is only an f/4, which means that unless you’re in a decent amount of light, anything else will be a little blurry. And it’s not the IS (image stabilized) version, which costs about $2000 extra, so you need to pretty much shoot in daylight hours.

Also, you have to be kind of far away from your subject. [houston] had no problem with this, and I think he was rather pleased when checking the shots on the camera.

I, myself, will be making sure this lens stays permanently attached to my camera from now on. I don’t know why I didn’t think to use it sooner! Sheesh.