The bump is getting larger and it’s getting harder to feel stylish when you’re starting to waddle a little bit. I honestly don’t know how the pro fashion bloggers do it. I mean, most of them are super tall and stick-thin, of which I am neither, but I just generally feel so slow and encumbered (is that the right word?). Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy as a clam, but adjusting to a new body type that has emerged within 20 short weeks is a bit of a culture shock! It truly is amazing what the female body can do.

I took my new Chanel bag out for a spin today – you can watch the unboxing here, where I share all of my tips and tricks to buying preowned luxury bags!

Dress: H&M, Bracelet: Elle & Emm, Watch: Michele, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Topshop

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