Dreamy Lavender & Amethyst

I’ve been looking into ideas to really give our master bedroom (I snort at the term “master”…if you could see the room you would know why) a cohesive style and design. Right now, it’s just a mashup of my bedroom furniture, a random papasan chair (ew) and those wallhangings we’ve “been meaning to hang up”. It really has no sense of decor, whatsoever. Sad, because I love design. When I was a little girl and other girls my age were watching Clarissa Explains It All and Hey Dude, I was watching Candace Olsen on Divine Design, and that DIY home show with what’s-his-name (Bob?).

I absorbed the information like a sponge. I took notes during “Design on a Dime”. I didn’t have two nickels to rub together at that age (oh, how funny–I still don’t…) but I would chatter incessantly about turning bargain finds and garage sale junk into treasures. Funny, because I never actually did anything with the projects I was so enthusiastic about.

Yeah, it’s time to break that cycle.

lavender & amethyst part deux

Starting this weekend, I’m going to make over my bedroom. And I can’t figure out which color scheme of my two top choices I want to go with. This first scheme I’m sharing with you is Lavender/Amethyst with soft shades of muted Grey.

The next post will reveal my second color scheme. I want you to help me decide. Comment with your thoughts. Let me know what you like or dislike. Tell me your ideas — include links to accessories, decor, bedding, lighting, etc that you think fits in with the scheme. If I use it, I’ll post it and credit YOU with the idea of course! Please feel free to leave comments on BOTH color schemes.

So…Lavender/Amethyst & Grey. What do you think? Get crackin’!

{ photo credits: 1st inspiration board: all west elm | 2nd board: west elm, polaroid from cheap monday, lilac stitch from 9thspace }