Dreamy Lavender & Amethyst

I’ve been looking into ideas to really give our master bedroom (I snort at the term “master”…if you could see the room you would know why) a cohesive style and design. Right now, it’s just a mashup of my bedroom furniture, a random papasan chair (ew) and those wallhangings we’ve “been meaning to hang up”. It really has no sense of decor, whatsoever. Sad, because I love design. When I was a little girl and other girls my age were watching Clarissa Explains It All and Hey Dude, I was watching Candace Olsen on Divine Design, and that DIY home show with what’s-his-name (Bob?).

I absorbed the information like a sponge. I took notes during “Design on a Dime”. I didn’t have two nickels to rub together at that age (oh, how funny–I still don’t…) but I would chatter incessantly about turning bargain finds and garage sale junk into treasures. Funny, because I never actually did anything with the projects I was so enthusiastic about.

Yeah, it’s time to break that cycle.

lavender & amethyst part deux

Starting this weekend, I’m going to make over my bedroom. And I can’t figure out which color scheme of my two top choices I want to go with. This first scheme I’m sharing with you is Lavender/Amethyst with soft shades of muted Grey.

The next post will reveal my second color scheme. I want you to help me decide. Comment with your thoughts. Let me know what you like or dislike. Tell me your ideas — include links to accessories, decor, bedding, lighting, etc that you think fits in with the scheme. If I use it, I’ll post it and credit YOU with the idea of course! Please feel free to leave comments on BOTH color schemes.

So…Lavender/Amethyst & Grey. What do you think? Get crackin’!

{ photo credits: 1st inspiration board: all west elm | 2nd board: west elm, polaroid from cheap monday, lilac stitch from 9thspace }

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  1. 03.02.2010 / 4:55 pm

    I love this color combo! I love lavender plants and have a few and wanted my bathroom to have a similar vibe. So I went to Lowes and snapped up all the paint chips I could find in similar color and kept gravitating towards a rich eggplant color as well.For now my wall color is American Tradition color 4002-3A ( Gentle Violet). I bought some lovely turkish towels in this color: Valspar 4002-4a (Lucent Purple), and picked up a sample color Valspar Rare Wine color (can’t spot #). I have yet to play around with it. But I knew I loved the wall color and particularly the color of my towels. The accent color I love but I don’t want my tiny bathroom to look like a grape threw up in there. I plan to ground it with white in a shade I love, to lighten it up and make it feel airy.

    So, basically I’m right there with ya on the color scheme. It’s restful, calm and sounds just like you!

    I would imagine pale walls in a lavender color, Accented with some silvery accessories like bedside tables (for glam of course), I love these: http://www.pier1.com/Catalog/Furniture/Furniture/tabid/519/CategoryID/154/List/0/catpagesize/25/Level/a/ProductID/129/ProductName/Hayworth-Nightstand/Default.aspx

    A look you could dupe with some silvery paint and adhesive backed mirrors 😉

    OR you could choose a smaller top with these curvy silvery legs: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S39843735

    The Ikea Floro or Edlund Bed would look lovely. I would use some linen and silky fabrics for variety.

    I’d choose tiny doses of a rich velvety eggplant color for tiny accents, and charcoal grey/black as well.
    You’re making me wish I hadn’t done my bedroom in reds 😉

    • 03.02.2010 / 4:57 pm

      btw I adore WEST Elm, I hadn’t seen the credits at the bottom. I love that place!

  2. 03.02.2010 / 5:28 pm

    I love love love the color combination with the muted grey and amethyst just divine!

  3. 03.02.2010 / 7:06 pm

    I love the lavender! This would be so lovely for a guest room.

    S.S. DOBBS

  4. 03.02.2010 / 8:31 pm

    This design has a cool calming feeling. I can picture myself fully relaxed in the space. Purple is my favorite color and pairing it with gray looks so sophisticated. While lavender is relaxing, too much of the scent is overwhelming, but the color is an excellent choice. I also love the wood element and the natural light the picture seems to give off. This would be my oasis if I could afford it. *Hugs*

  5. 03.02.2010 / 8:34 pm

    Bob Vila? That’s the only DIY Bob I can think of from the 90s. I used to watch Christopher Lowell and a woman whose name I can’t remember, but her show was on right before (or after?) his.
    Beautiful colors, by the way.

    • 03.02.2010 / 8:39 pm

      Yes!! Bob Vila! That’s it!

  6. 03.02.2010 / 10:41 pm

    That color combination looks gorgeous! Like walking into a very calming room at the end of a day. 🙂

  7. 03.02.2010 / 10:42 pm

    Oh yeah, meant to say, I might steal it one day. I really like it.

  8. 03.03.2010 / 3:05 am

    Just found your blog! love it 🙂 i like lavender i do think it is a bit to feminine if you’re sharing it with a man, excited to see the next color scheme!

  9. 03.03.2010 / 3:33 am
  10. CathyH
    03.03.2010 / 5:18 am

    I love this color combination, something a guy could live with too

  11. 03.03.2010 / 6:38 pm

    I’ve got to keep my vote with this one… the other one looks nice, but this one is just so calming and soothing and elegant in its own way, I just like it a little more.

  12. summer scott
    03.03.2010 / 7:32 pm

    LOVE this color combo…so serene and Romantic!

  13. 03.04.2010 / 4:58 am

    me vote for the lavender and amethyst …. as cute as the yellow and grey combo can be as well, i feel that one can get tired of the yellow fairly quickly … that and if it gets dusty, it will definitely show more prominently on the yellow. plus the lavender has a more calming effect~

  14. Valerie H.
    03.04.2010 / 5:47 am

    Sorry folks, but I’m thinking the yellow/grey combo is fresher, chicer, and you’re less likely to get sick of it. I just…love it! (with white accents)

  15. Monica
    03.22.2010 / 4:17 am

    The colors are so pretty and appropriate for welcoming spring. Next to the photo of lavendar (below photo photo of the window/panels), is a print of round flowers. Where can I find that print and purchase it?

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