Enfant Terrible

Ever since my visit to France for my honeymoon last year, I’ve been so inspired by the way French women dress. It’s effortless, chic, and put-together. None of it looks like she is trying too hard. I love this new line I discovered called Bobo House which marries French effortless chic with Californian bohemian spirit.

This top is actually the softest thing I own. I seriously wish the fabric could be made into a pillow because I just want to sleep on it every night. For now, it’ll have to do being worn on my back.





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  • You are looking so lovely and fresh! 🙂

  • Glamorous Mama

    It looks so soft! Love the outfit.Joes jeans are so comfy as well!

  • I love that shirt! I will check out their site. Join my Baublebar giveaway http://www.bronzedsundaze.blogspot.com!
    XO Alex

  • You look great, love that tee. And you pics are amazing, I wish I could take such great photos.

  • Marla Robinson

    I love your tee shirt. So cute.

  • yes, i have a couple of french lady friends here and they always look so chic! great top!

  • After scooping up a few t-shirts made in LA I don’t think I’ll ever buy an imported t-shirt again. I know exactly what you mean by their incredibly softness and I even described the quality of a t-shirt once as, “fancy hotel sheet softness.” 🙂

  • Cute cute cute!

  • What a fantastic shirt! It even looks super soft in the pics!

  • I love the shades! The belt, the shades and the bags make it very bad-ass.

  • I love this t-shirt! Too cute and I AGREE about the way French women dress. When I was in Paris last summer I was so in love with what everyone was wearing. Simple and chic. I wish I could be more like that!

  • Loving that shirt! The color is amazing and it looks so comfy and soft!

  • I discovered your blog last night and cannot stop reading …Love ur content and ur personality.

    I am new to the blogging world and love if you can check out my blog.

  • You look great as always. I love your style. You take fantastic pics. Pink is a good color for you. It accents your skin tone. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Priyanka Ocean

    Looking great and Same for your blog..I have learned many things from you..Carry your style with u:)


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