Erin Condren Life Planner 2013/2014 Review

I don’t think anything has been more requested on my blog, than this review. Honestly, I’m blown away by how many of you clamored for me to review my new planner, an Erin Condren Life Planner 2013/2014 – Gold Edition. I’m seriously impressed! Up until a week prior to ordering, I had never heard of Erin Condren products before. Blog readers recommended her products to me and I finally succumbed. Once I watched the life planner video, I was sold. Of course, I watched a few YouTube reviews first before taking the plunge. Click to see the video review!

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The Downside

On the other hand, the price is what may make some people reel in shock. $50-75 for a planner is simply too much to spend on a planner, regardless of the pretty wrappings and customization.

I may not be the best judge of this, since I tend to rationalize even the most ridiculously priced items (and in fact have quite the talent for doing so) but in the end the decision has to sit right with you. You have to either absolutely, 100% feel it’s a “no-brainer” decision to spend that kind of money, or I feel you will otherwise find every reason to justify it as being overpriced. And nothing feels worse than regretting a purchase.

No (Wo)Man Left Behind

There’s also something for everyone. I haven’t tried anything else (not even the accessories for the life planner other than those mentioned) but she also has sorority-themed planners, teacher planners, regular notebooks, personalized acrylic accessories, even iPhone & iPad cases. Truly remarkable.

The Verdict

Overall I’m absolutely IN LOVE with my planner. I’ve never stuck to a planner this long before (and yes, it has only been 2 months, which tells you how bad I normally am at planning). I think it’s because this planner is just so fun, and beautiful, I’m constantly motivated to carry it around, whip it out in public, and play with different colored pens and stickers. Maybe it’s childish, or maybe it’s genius. Either way, EC and her life planners have got it going on.

$10 Off

Erin Condren set me up with a special link for PSS readers that will get you $10 off your purchase! https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/kristinabraly

This post was not sponsored, and I paid for everything with my own money.