Etsy Thursday: Accessories With Simple Flair

love letter envelope necklace, $20 by littlewhitechapel 

leather iphone case, $16 by inblue

bee business card case, $49 by cosmicfirefly

(thanks to j!) hand-dyed fringe necklace in black & white, $59 by LeilanniLand

tangerine polished stingray card case, $60 by UNEARTHED

Any of these business card cases would look great with my brand-spankin’ new business cards! I ordered them last week and they finally came in today. Funny thing about the delivery:

I checked the tracking status on the UPS.com website, and saw that it had been delivered! “Delivered–FT DOOR” said the message. I bounded happily downstairs, thrust open the front door, looked down, and saw…

Nothing. WTF?

I peered around, walked outside and stared at my front door, scratching my head. Did he lie? Are UPS drivers capable of lying? I decided to look at my neighbors’ doorsteps to see if he left it there by mistake. No luck.

As I swiveled around to survey the small, gated complex of my tiny little townhome, I saw a white blob shape in the distance? Could it be? As I neared the shape, I realized it was a small white box, laying on its side in the dirt & mud, among the bushes, on the side of the road, three houses down. I picked it up, peered at the label, and confirmed that it was, indeed, my package of business cards.

Thanks, UPS. Remind me to use you again in the future, when I order Waterford crystal and fine bone china.

Hope you enjoyed these Etsy Thursday selections! What did you think?